ISIC can use public transport in Prague after the change of tariffs. Added:29.8. 2011
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ISIC can use public transport in Prague after the change of tariffs.

** If you are a student at Prague's public transport fares, you are required to transport the check to show valid proof of study. Change of tariff PIT records for students who have the ISIC card through their school, because they still can now required a paper confirmation of studies to replace the currently valid international student identification card ISIC .**

1st 8th 2011 have been revised Tariff PID, which continues to ISIC card issued by the Prague university, secondary and higher vocational schools accredited by the Ministry of Education, accepted as proof of study. Students aged 19 to 26 years are entitled to time off tickets in the City. Prague under Article III., paragraph 6, letter. c). The tariff was only the last update of the license is removed, which does not affect most of the students of Prague's public universities and high school students who have issued ISIC in secondary GTS ALIVE project (works with the support of City Hall. Prague since 2005) .

The change relates to cards issued through traditional sales network ALIVE GTS cards and universities that have signed an agreement with the DPP on the acceptance of cards. Contract with DPP ** TO ** closed CTU, Charles, University, CUA, Academy and Institute of Chemical Technology and GTS ALIVE in high school for high school project – they are therefore not change and may not even after a change in tariff worry that when they had themselves recently always wear a paper confirmation of the studio from his school.

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In Prague, therefore, the change applies only to about 8% of students from the total number of 106,000 holders of ISIC in the capital, who must control inspector at a paper confirmation of the present study. The location is contrary to stress that it is students with ISIC card issued through the above mentioned schools have the advantage that it continues to demonstrate need through a paper confirmation stage of the study.

"This way, the ISIC is currently accepted in the South Moravian Region, Liberec, Plzeň, Olomouc, Czech Budejovice, Hradec Kralove, Jihlava, Opava and negotiations are other cities with public transport. Acceptance of ISIC for visual verification is one of the most common forms of transport to use the card that operates in many countries. Demonstrate learning through a paper confirmation of studies consider a huge step backwards and baffling complications for students, "said Tomas Vyskocil, ISIC National Manager.

** Contract with the DPP have closed in Prague CTU, Charles, University, CUA, Academy and Institute of Chemical Technology and nearly 90 high schools in secondary GTS ALIVE project. Here is the ISIC card in addition to traditional benefits the students to solve practical tasks within their school system (they can buy it through lunch in the canteen, use it as a pass to the library or have access to classrooms), therefore students are constantly at each other and it is for them, so the easiest way to study at any opportunity to prove .**

Full text of the new tariff PID is available here…189x350.html.

More information also on…vani/doprava.

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