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FB applications Roommates

** Finding roommates and roommates has never been easier and faster. By linking the supply of housing and technology realities Student Facebook now every student can, in moments, where he will manage to live and to choose with whom to live .**

FB ** How the application works Roommates **

Since joining the „spolubydleni­.studentreali­ty.cz“: http://spolubydleni.studentreality.cz/ after selecting a specific roommate or roommates are all very simple. First, click in the upper right corner of the pages on the „Facebook Login“. After that, all advertisements displayed, all very well know, the „like“. If you like an advertisement and you should live here are interested, click on it to „like“. Hereby express their potential interest in the detail of the advertisement will have access to contacts and FB comments (you'll also be able to contribute to the discussion, ask for details of the apartment, negotiate with roommates, etc.).

Using a simple filtration at the top of the page by specifying the type of dwelling, city, maximum price, etc. to identify, only those ads that you are interested. This simple yet highly effective filtration speed up the search because you will not have to go through dozens and dozens of adverts that you are not interested at all.

If you can not decide and the ads you like more, you can click „I like“ click on more ads that you then saves the „My Favorites“ (in the upper right corner of the page). If any of your favorite ads already do not like, click on „I do not like it.“

** Free and without registration **

Using the FB application roommates are free without any hidden charges. Not really for nothing. Moreover, there is no need to create a new account and „spolubydleni­.studentreali­ty.cz“: http://spolubydleni.studentreality.cz/ register.

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** Why link Facebook and student realities **

Facebook is most popular social network in the world, as well as in the Czech Republic. Almost every student 'is on Facebook. " Facebook also allows you to create clear applications that all have access.

Student housing provider is a reality for students, which was based on a very bad situation in the housing market. Old realtors do not appreciate their customers and in only with rent (without any other services) charge exorbitant commissions. So he decided founder student of reality, Radim Rezek, to improve the situation and established realtors for students who, for little money (even roommates are free) offers several services aimed directly at the needs of students.

And Facebook link (on which most students) and student of reality (which has a wide range of housing for students) creates a great combination for finding roommates and roommates.

** Summary **

FB applications roommates used for search and advertising roommates. This application is also unique in that here you can also find roommates. Everything is free and without registration. Roommates can often communicate with roommates directly involves an intermediary.

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