A new chance to study Media and Politics Added:31.8. 2011
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A new chance to study Media and Politics

** Metropolitan University Prague opened in October of the academic year 2011/12 two new attractive fields. This is a master's degree in Political Science and Bachelor degree in Media Studies. Political will teach full-time and combined form of studies, media studies in full form. Entries can be sent until 26 September 2011 .**

Field ** ** Media Studies is designed for persons with completed secondary education. It is a discipline that combines training for work in contemporary mass media and networking with a broad humanities and the social-oriented education, mostly focused on the study of history and contemporary forms of interpersonal communication. Besides training the industry wants to offer a solid foundation especially critical thinking about contemporary society and its manifestations communication, networking and the mass media and their role in society and the position of media in one's life. The training is focused on mastering basic skills associated with the performance of journalistic profession, working in advertising and marketing and operations in various positions in the audiovisual and Internet media.

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Field ** ** Political Science is designed for persons with completed bachelor's degree studies social science orientation (political science, humanities, area studies, anthropology, etc.), its structure follows the Bachelor's degree study fields of Humanities and International Relations and European Studies, taught at the Metropolitan University Prague. Structure of Master's in political science is an effort to offer high quality education in the field of general politics. At the same time – and especially – wants to put up a special study program to offer specialized focus on issues of political systems and politics of Central Europe, including intensive study of contemporary Czech politics.

More information on www.mup.cz

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