Competition for the best essay for high school students Added:7.9. 2011
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Competition for the best essay for high school students

High school students can participate for the third time this year, the literary contest „Price Library of Václav Havel for student essay.“ The competition is mainly to show critical thinking and courage to articulate their thoughts clearly. This year's theme is: „Freedom of expression and modern communication technology – the two sides of one coin?“

Essays must be written in Czech language and their maximum range is ten pages, then 18 000 characters. Lyrics provided with the author's name, date of birth and name of high school to be sent in electronic form to, not later than 16 October 2011.

The first prize in the competition's prize money 15 000 CZK, in second place will get 10 000 CZK and in third place 5 000 CZK. Essays examine the Czech cultural figures close to Vaclav Havel. Although the deadline in October, evaluate the competition will be held until December 2011. For more information see "Libraries Vaclav

Source: Library Web site Vaclav Havel and the Ministry of Education

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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