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Year zero - one of missed opportunities for Added:24.9. 2013
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Year zero - one of missed opportunities for

Year zero is a general term covering all the preparatory courses for přijímačkám, but also the subsequent study of a selected field in college. This preparation may take place either on campus, to which he would like the trainee in the future sign, or within any of the commercial courses educational agencies. Offer foundation years is now very broad.

Those not lucky enough to get at that „their“ high now, as a rule is necessary before deciding what to do. They can either bet everything on the next round of entrance exams, which are often still held in September, or wait, whether or not to start the new academic year will be accredited by an entirely new fields. However, if no waiting does not bring the desired solution, then you have no choice but to either look for a job, or need for alternative forms of education. One of them represent just the „zero years“:…nulty-rocnik.

Students without student == == benefits The uniqueness of zero years is that students attend school like the „full-time“:…ncni-studium or „blended learning“: http://www.vysokeskoly .cz/akademicky-slovnik/heslo/kom­binovane-studium-2 (although hourly lesser extent), but do not have student status. In this example differs from post-secondary language learning. Classes are usually several times a week, morning or afternoon or even just on weekends. Time distribution of courses and their possible overlap in everyday life, however, greatly limits the ability to work in parallel with the study, which is especially for fresh graduates of secondary schools a big problem. Students who reported the preliminary year after graduation, so at least can think about the possibility to combine the zero year to study a foreign language in the post-secondary study and at least maintain student status. They must, however, expect that you will increase the time demands of study and very likely also its total cost (zero, however, some agencies offer classes in some kind of bargain „packages“ that combine learning the language and just preparing for university). Preparatory courses may be either a semester or year-round. At the end of each semester students take „tests“:…eslo/zkouska and "Credits:…eslo/zapocet as with due study.

Preparatory Courses == == organized agencies The preparation of future college students in our focus a number of educational agencies, whose branches can be found in almost every university town. Teaching focuses mainly on the content of entrance examinations, to discuss topics that they appear more frequently, and students receive practice tests. On some courses are taught and teachers directly from the universities themselves, who can give his audience their experience in the course of the entrance to their parent institution. Courses can be selected either by a particular faculty to which the candidate wants in a future report, or by Business interests (psychology, law, mathematics, sociology, political science, economics, etc.).. The exception is no longer preparing for exams OSP (or TSP), as they are now becoming increasingly content of entrance examinations. Those who meet credit requirements and required attendance at the end of the course will receive a certificate of its completion, that some agencies still procure the amendment to meet certain qualifications. Students can then use it as an attachment such as an application to study at university or finding employment.

Zero grade in high school

Unlike educational agencies run zero classes organized by universities themselves a little differently. Current offer preparatory courses are interested can find under the name of a course of lifelong learning (LLL), whose precise definition can be found in § 60 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. Universities. Successful students can complete the course receive a bonus, for example in case of entrance examinations and acceptance of them can be recognized as credits for the courses that coincide with objects vypisovanými in the normal course of study. Some faculty even allow graduates to take these courses for school entrance examinations with the forgiveness, the most successful ones may even get straight into second year. Minor drawback is that the life-long learning courses printed to some faculties may apply only to unsuccessful applicants for study solely on the faculty. Also, the total supply is more limited than that of agencies. School is mostly issuing mainly courses in fields for which the greatest interest. Some faculty does not write zero at all grades. As for admission to the course, based either on the order of candidates in the regular admission procedure, or to place a new entrance examination (this applies to courses where they can be admitted as students at the faculty previously not report). On the contrary, the advantage is that in addition to options then be accepted without entrance examinations or at least get some credits to recognize graduates of the course the opportunity to get to know your potential future teachers and learn about the school environment and teaching method. The sharp onset of the study is then much easier for them.

Capacity == courses

The capacity of each course at each institution varies. For example, FTVS is limited to six participants, while candidates for completion of the course right at the Faculty of Law can be up to 220th


Deciding how and whether to attend a preparatory course, certainly in addition determines the venue, schedule or discipline the price. This, however, with each type of course can vary considerably. Just for comparison, eg annual course Introduction to Law printed by the University of West Bohemia came out in the 2011/2012 academic year, equal to 30 000, – CZK. For Lifelong Learning course printed by the Faculty of Law students have paid for this year 45 000, – CZK. In fulfillment of prescribed conditions can not be compared to the study of UWB admitted without entrance exams, some even have a chance to be assigned to the 2nd year. Those interested in studying law at the Law Faculty of Masaryk University for their participation in the exchange rate for the upcoming academic year paid 50 000, – CZK. With regard to educational agencies such as the Agency AZ offers Smart celoročníroční course called Law and history of the state for a base price of nearly 20 000, – CZK, the Tutor for similarly oriented course requires less than 23 000, – CZK. The concept of individual courses vary widely, so the price should not be the guiding principle, under which courses to choose from the menu. Example, can vary their intensity, focus, but also need services, benefits and materials, which includes price, the profitability of the chosen field, a place of learning, etc.

Applications == year to zero

Deadlines for registration every year in preliminary year ends in August and September, so if you are considering this form of education, now it's time to decide.

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