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This year's second prize for chemistry doctoral student, University of Pardubice forward at the French embassy itself Nobel Prize Added:5.9. 2011
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This year's second prize for chemistry doctoral student, University of Pardubice forward at the French embassy itself Nobel Prize

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On Tuesday 6th September after noon will be at the French Embassy in Prague, passed this year's Prizes for chemistry. The second prize for chemistry will Ing. Nikola Peřinka, only first-year student of the doctoral study program Chemistry and Materials Technology – Technology of Macromolecular Compounds of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice.

The chemical company Rhodia Republic and the French Embassy in the Czech Republic annually announce competition for the award for research in chemical sciences. Since this year bears the competition and awards ceremony is a new name – „** Price Jean-Marie Lehne Chemistry **“. It honors the research works of Czech students are working as part of their doctoral studies. Each university has the option to subscribe to the national finals of doctoral students, which it considers best. The applicant must then provide expert commission your resume, present in writing his work, including illustrations, which represents the research conducted within the candidate's doc­torate, and meet other conditions in the tender notice. Furthermore, the candidate by an expert committee to present a lecture (in English or French), summarizing the results of their work and discuss the following questions be responsible members of the jury.

This year (2 June) at this prestigious competition represented the University of Pardubice and the Faculty of Chemical Technology PhD ** Ing. Nikola Peřinka **. His work developed at the Department of Graphic Arts and Photophysics led by prof. Ing. Marie Kaplan, MD. In the fierce competition of work won ten contestants ** 2nd place for his work entitled „Fotoakustická measurements printed on the functional polymer layers **“.

Awards doctoral Ing. Nikola blanket, only the first year student of doctoral studies, is its very important achievement, which also demonstrates the high level of research conducted at the Faculty of Chemical Technology. Ing. Nikola Peřinka working on a completely new and untraditional issues cut across chemical disciplines from macromolecular chemistry, Photophysics, applications for organic semiconductors and organic electronics ending.

Besides the financial rewards you for your superb performance earned him a monthly residency at the corresponding research work in France of your choice.

Prize in Chemistry, from this year's newly-named „Award ** Jean-Marie Lehne in Chemistry“ for his second takes place graduate student Nikola Peřinka on Tuesday 6 ** September at 12:30 hours at the celebratory reception to be held at the French Embassy in The Embassy. ** Award will receive directly from the hands of Professor Jean-Marie Lehne – Nobel Prize for Chemistry for 1987 ** and in the presence of the French Ambassador to the Czech Republic. Festival will also present Vice Chancellor for Research and Creative Activities, University of Pardubice Assoc. Ing. Tatiana Molková, Ph.D.

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Ing. Valerie Wagner, Chancellor – University of Pardubice spokesman phone 466 036 555, e-mail

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