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The good university is not yet too late. Day of open doors and entrance exams until 21 September. Added:5.9. 2011
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The good university is not yet too late. Day of open doors and entrance exams until 21 September.

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Are you thinking about studying economics, management or psychology? He would not escape your attention NEWTON College, Brno College of Management and Entrepreneurship, which invites you on Thursday 15 September 2011 from 16.30 on „Open Day“ with examples of interactive teaching, opportunities to try out a job interview or to apply to study further the academic year 2011/2012.

** What are you on the Day of open doors waiting for? **

Accompanied NEWTON College students will be able to view the background studies, obtain all information about studying and learning field, and also actively participate in interactive demonstrations of teaching subjects: Psychology for Managers, Crisis Management and complete introduction to the seminar Successful stock trading – trading. During one early evening so you make a more detailed picture of the school, which became the inspiration and source of necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for a wide range of successful entrepreneurs and managers.

If you study at NEWTON College address, you will be prepared to not only have to apply to study, but even complete a job interview. Its aim is to test your knowledge, but to find the motivation to study and interest in the chosen field of study. Admission is free.

** When? ** ** Thursday 15th September 2011 from 16.30 to 20.00 ** ** Where? ** NEWTON College Rašínova 103 / 2, 602 00 Brno

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** The Open Day **

** 16.30–17.00 Introduction to the accompaniment of students in school **

** 17.00–18.00 Psychology of Management ** PhDr. Mgr. Eva Pindešová, Ph.D. and PhDr. Ing. Vratislav Pokorny (Sample from the subject of Psychology for Managers)

The practical form is familiar with psychological methods used in management, which deal with students during their studies NEWTON College.

** 18.00–19.00 Management of enterprises in crisis ** Ing. Koleňák George, Ph.D. (Sample from the subject of Crisis Management)

Getting into the business crisis is relatively simple as managerial failures, accidents, natural disaster, etc. Way back it is not so fast. The lecture will introduce the basic tools for managing corporate crises in the initial phase, acute and follow-up.

** 19.00–20.00 Successful Stock Trading – Trading ** Pavel Spacek, the student combined studies at NEWTON College (Example of a series of voluntary seminars on NC)

Pavel Spacek, a successful trader and manager, will explain the basic concepts and principles of stock trading – trading, which are in normal business environment needlessly „demonized.“ You will learn that trading is not gambling, but a highly reputable business that enjoys reputation most profitable activities in the world.

Information will be made clear, with an emphasis on practicality, so do not expect any academic theoretical propositions, but rather – interesting information and knowledge from practice!

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