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The new media format for undergraduates - Life on Campus Added:5.9. 2011
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The new media format for undergraduates - Life on Campus

Press news

New media formats for college students, academia, science and research and to introduce the wider public in October 2011 by University Media Group Ltd. Group print and online titles under the brand name Life On Campus is replaced by a narrower format Eurocampus Republic magazine, which came 11 years and was first nationwide student magazine.

Magazine Life on Campus ** ** preserves serious format and subject areas from the academic environment, while offering significant expansion of content in particular through the main topic of popular science and technology. The company's portfolio of titles printed expanding product range of thematic brochures ** Back To Campus and Campus Summer Guide ** published to mark the beginning and end of school year. Print media are in the distribution directly to the universities through a unique network of information stands Stands ** ** Campus, offering a form of OOH advertising through advertising, Uniboardy. The most significant change in the product's per­formance ** portal in September 2011 **. He is characterized as an online news weekly, with an emphasis on the content associated with the current situation in higher education, career success of students, science, research, sports, financial education and, finally, the lifestyle. The area of ​​lifestyle is composed of reviews new electronics products and design trends in clothing and make-up under the supervision of well-known fashion editors. Contents consist of copyright and accepted articles, interviews, reports and video content. ** ** Video content consists of video tutorials complex mathematical and statistical problems, Tutorials explaining the principles of exchange transactions on the platform StockTrak and from autumn 2011 will be presented within their own reports from the middle of the academic and cultural brand ** ** LifeoncampusTV. Learn Center section extending calculators to calculate the evolution of financial products such as savings, loan, credit, insurance or bond yield. also serves as a gateway for students to international investment competition ** ** Campus Challenge, running from October 2011, in CZ, SK, PL, HU.

  • "The first semester of operation will be for all members of the implementation team to choose a balanced ratio of students and professionals test and full of creative energy. But I believe that we will offer readers a full impartial news and a complete overview of the Czech academic affairs and Czech students and provide a platform for personal development, education and entertainment. We expect great things with the introduction LifeoncampusTV, which has a lot of potential and will create a new media type for university students. We are full of expectations, as we respond to the market, "added * ** ** Ondrej Reif, CEO of the company.

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