Students will again collect signatures against tuition fees Added:8.9. 2011
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Students will again collect signatures against tuition fees

SOS Student Organization ** **, which strongly opposes the introduction of tuition fees at universities in the Czech Republic, in early September once again organized a gathering signatures on petitions against these charges. According to representatives of the association was mainly a reaction at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, which began to prepare specific documents for the introduction of tuition fees.

Deferred payment, the tuition ** ** coalition plans would be introduced from 2013. Represen­tatives of the association believe that the result will restrict the availability studies only for the higher social strata of the population. Contrary, the government insists that this change will help improve the level of education in the Czech Republic.

According to current information, the price for one semester at a public high school had to move at around CZK 10 000. During the study would be paying the bank for students, graduates would reach the average salary repay their debts. According to representatives of the league during the first days of September have already gathered over 400 signatures.

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