COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Analytical Chemistry Added:21.9. 2011
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry itself is a broad discipline, and therefore it is good in it from beginning to specialize in some way. Analytical chemistry is one of the options. You can study at several universities in the Czech Republic – let's look at the list of options.

** What is analytical chemistry **

Analytical chemistry is concerned with examining the chemical composition of samples. They are divided into qualitative analytical chemistry to detect the presence of specific elements in the sample, and quantitative analytical chemistry, which determines the amount of these substances and elements. It is not a separate field of study, but neither misses many students from other scientific disciplines, or even pharmacy.

Analytical chemistry has wide application in medical diagnosis, in determining the quality and wholesomeness of food and drugs, nutrient content in agricultural soils, is included in most measures for environmental protection.

Words, students of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in Brno, the field looks like this: „In practice you have before you dish samples. In those samples nakapeš some other substance, and the resulting reaction určuješ which elements are present in the sample. You know what to do with what how he responds. The important thing is to be in drug development. “

** Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague **

The „ICT“: are several options of study subjects close to analytical chemistry:

  • Bachelor *
  • In the field of Engineering and Technical Management of Physical and Analytical Chemistry
  • Technology in the environmental field of Analytical Chemistry of the Environment (new field)
  • In the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and drug industry analysis (new field)
  • Program in Food Technology and Biochemical Chemistry and Food Analysis
  • In the field of Forensic analysis Forensic analysis
  • Or general Chemistry, specialization in Master's program
  • Postgraduate study *
  • Technology in the environmental field of Analytical Environmental Chemistry
  • Technical program in physical and analytical chemistry analytical chemistry and quality engineering
  • In the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and drug industry analysis

Offered is a doctoral study.

  • Entrance exams *

Institute of Chemical Technology accepts students without entrance examinations. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of admitted students, priority is given to applicants with a better average benefit of chemistry and mathematics in high school (the last four years, graduation does not count). The chances of adoption are therefore in most areas are very high.

  • Benefits *
  • The largest selection of study subjects based on analytical chemistry, some of them are more practically than theoretically oriented
  • Possibility of specialization from the very beginning of their studies
  • Study at the university, which is a chemically oriented
  • To obtain the internationally recognized title „Chemistry Eurobachelor“
  • The possibility of studying in addition also in Prague, in Tabor, or Most

** ** Masaryk University

On the „Masaryk University“: the Faculty of Science offers several courses close analytical chemistry:

  • Bachelor *
  • In the field of Applied Biochemistry and Applied Biochemistry direction Bioanalytical Chemistry (full)
  • In the field of Chemistry Analytical Chemist – Chemical Laboratory Manager (full)
  • Otherwise it is customary to study at the bachelor's level general discipline (eg Chemistry) and specialize it to the studio master, bachelor graduates Chemistry is foregone entrance exams to master's degree in Analytical Chemistry
  • Master's studies: *
  • Chemistry in the field of Analytical Chemistry (full)
  • The same branch on the premises can be studied in English
  • In the field of Analytical Chemistry Biochemistry
  • Postgraduate study *
  • Chemistry in the field of Analytical Chemistry (full)
  • Chemistry in the field of Analytical Chemistry (combined)
  • Full-time and combined form can be studied in English
  • Entrance exams *

For admission to undergraduate study says Study Test (downloadable free „on the MU site“:…ning/ =% 2F1499%% 2Fdo 2Fmetodika 2Fstud%%% 2Fprijriz 2Ftsp.qwarp). You can request a waiver of the admission test – this is no longer necessary to designate the electronic application form. The test will be waived if the profile of the four objects (which can be a mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, geography, informatics, Czech language and one foreign language), which are currently in the last four years of secondary education had at least two years, you mean stamps to 1.5. From last year semi-annual report is expected from the previous three years, the final report. If you are applying for Biochemistry and you want the TSP are forgiven, you are currently successful solvers regional round of the Olympiad in the science discipline related to the study program.

The Master's program consists of the entrance examination in chemistry. If the master's degree Bachelor's degree graduate of reports with a direct link to the Master's study (eg Bachelor degree in Chemistry for the Masters degree in Analytical Chemistry), tests will be forgiven him.

  • The chances of admission *

The field of Analytical chemist – chemical laboratory manager in the last year given to all candidates who presented themselves for admission control. 100% success rate was also at the Chemistry specialist. In the field of Biochemistry was adopted 191 of 228 students who came for testing. The success rate is very high.

  • Benefits *
  • The possibility of studying in English
  • The possibility of forgiveness benefits through the entrance exams
  • Possibility to specialize in analytical chemistry at the bachelor's degree already
  • Remission of the entrance exams to study for master's courses with a direct link
  • The possibility of a Master's degree to advance to rigorous control and get RNDr.

** University **

Originally there was offered a five-year master's degree in Analytical Chemistry, is now the option deleted. The „Charles University“: you can – as at Masaryk University – a three-year bachelor's graduate program Chemistry (to choose from the fields of natural sciences in Chemistry, Chemistry Education, or Environmental Chemistry) and then Specializing only in the master study in the field of Analytical Chemistry. It is a full-time study. It is possible to establish a four-year full-time doctoral or a combined field of study Analytical Chemistry.

  • Entrance exams *

It is the test of study skills. Admission tests may be waived successful solvers Olympics, SOC or face (corresponding chemical workshop inspired theme). The Master's degree exam is oral, from analytical chemistry in the range of basic subjects Chemistry bachelor's degree in natural sciences.

  • The chances of admission *

The chances for admission to undergraduate chemical fields is around 60 – 75%.

  • Benefits *
  • The internationally recognized title Eurobachelor Chemistry and Chemistry EUROMASTER
  • Possibility to get in the 1st year scholarship for best students, or for successful solvers Olympics

** Palacky University in Olomouc **

I „here“: first study Bachelor Chemistry (or dvojoborové study, for example, Chemistry – Physics, Chemistry – Mathematics), and then follow-up master's degree in Analytical Chemistry. Like the Charles University for the full study. It is possible to continue in doctoral studies.

  • Entrance exams *

Take place in the written exam in chemistry and physics. The test is waived for students who were in high school in the last four years of these subjects to an average 2.0 (not including the school-leaving certificate). The waiver exam must request in writing. The master's degree be taken at the written and oral examination syllabus in the range of undergraduate studies.

  • The chances of admission *

Bachelor degree in Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and Bioinorganic had one hundred percent success rate last year. For example, in the field of Biochemistry reported 217 applicants were admitted 119th The field of Bioorganic Chemistry of the 87 was adopted by 62 students. The Master's degree in Analytical Chemistry was adopted last year, 28 out of 24 applicants.

  • Benefits *
  • To obtain RNDr. Master's degree after graduation
  • The possibility of remission of admission to an average 2.0
  • Study in a smaller and less expensive city than Prague and Brno, better access to rail

** ** University of Pardubice

Also on the „University of Pardubice“: is possible to add a master's degree taught in the full field of Analytical Chemistry, is also offered to doctoral studies. Are preceded by a bachelor of chemical industry.

  • Entrance exams *

The undergraduate courses, applicants are admitted without entrance examinations. At follow-up master's degree in Analytical Chemistry are admitted without entrance examinations graduates chemical fields, others consist oral exam. Chances of admission are almost foolproof.

  • Benefits: *
  • Admission without entrance exams
  • Study in a smaller and cheaper city

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