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University of South Bohemia said goodbye to Mrs. Rector prof. Magdalena Added:9.9. 2011
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University of South Bohemia said goodbye to Mrs. Rector prof. Magdalena

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Commemorative gathering to commemorate Mrs. Rector University of South Bohemia prof. Magdalena Hrabánková that of 31 died suddenly in August 2011, the held on Friday, 9 September at the University of South Bohemia. Representatives University academics, representatives of Ms. Rector's family, representatives of public life and professional institutions met in 11 hours in a crowded Auditorium University of South Bohemia.

In funeral speeches were highlighted particularly extraordinary personality Mrs. Rector: high professional expertise, teaching skills, refined manners and behavior, indomitable optimism and vitality. Were awarded its merits in favor of both the Faculty of Economics and Agricultural JU, the whole university, as he led from the first rector March to 31 August 2011.

At the memorial gathering talked prof. RNDr. Tomas Polivka, Ph.D., JU Vice-Chancellor temporarily in charge of universities, prof. Ing. Miloslav Šoch, PhD., Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, USB, doc. Ing. Ladislav Rolínek, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Economics JU, prof. Ing. Francis Střeleček, PhD., Rector Emeritus JU, prof. PhDr. Vaclav Buzek, CSc. Emeritus JU Rector, prof. Dr. Laslo Villány, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, University of St. Stephen in Gödöllő, Ing. Vladimir Jandík, Chairman of the Board JU, prof. RNDr. Sehnal Francis, PhD., Director Biology Centre AS CR, doc. Ing. Eva Cudlínová, CSc. Head of Department of EU structural policy and rural development, which Ms. Rector worked. For the family spoke at the end of the reverent congregation son of Mrs. Mr. Rector. Martin Ulčák.

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