FCHT University of Pardubice is still accepting applications Added:12.9. 2011
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FCHT University of Pardubice is still accepting applications

** Faculty of Chemical Technology University Pardubice ** extended deadline for submission of applications to some undergraduate courses. Specifically, these programs / disciplines:

  • Chemistry and Technical Chemistry / Chemistry and Technical Chemistry (full-time and combined form of study)
  • Chemical and Process Engineering / Economics and Management of Chemical and Food Industry (in full-time)
  • Inorganic and Polymeric Materials / polymeric materials and composites, Inorganic Materials (in full-time)
  • Farmacochemistry and Medicinal Materials / Farmacochemistry and medical materials (in full-time)
  • Surface Protection Building and Construction Materials / Surface Protection of Building and construction materials (in full-time)
  • Chemistry and Food Technology / Evaluation and analysis of food (in the form of full-time study).

Prospective studies can send applications to 18 ** September 2011 **. Candidates will be selected according to study results in secondary education. Faculty plans to adopt with 150 candidates. More information on the „web of the faculty“: http://www.upce.cz/…i/3kolo.html.

Source: Press Release „UPCE“: http://www.upce.cz/index.html

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