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Year of high school graduates or to forget what year Added:19.9. 2011
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Year of high school graduates or to forget what year

Some of you first sat down this year September to the last classroom. But you know what you expect in the coming year? Just about events and obligations that accompany learning during high school graduates, you can read this article.

From teachers, parents and older friends will certainly now more than ever we hear how the graduation year and how hard you must not underestimate anything and really learn. But to be high school graduates not only that you from morning till night to sit in the books. If so, it would perhaps not as many people before the test, nestresovalo. The problem is that the doctrine itself will ultimately due plesům, parties, subscriptions to college and so much time is left. What looks graduates an average year?

1st half

In September, you sat in school and it was you began to roll. Not only can you begin to prepare for graduation issues, but you must still learn the subjects from which you graduate. It just depends on the approach of individual teachers, as will access to nematurujícím. Some focus only on their chosen group and allow others the space to prepare for their own subjects. Others, however, conversely, may say that the subject is still as important as the others and they will try more than in previous years. Therefore it is essential that you realize for yourself what items you are alone in first place and give them the most time.

* *** During the year, you will need to devote much time and homework .*

In addition to graduation, some students are waiting to spring more entrance exams to high school. Someone already has clear from his childhood, which made ** application **. But those of you who are not yet fully resolved, should begin to slowly interest. * Some schools (especially artistic) have had the deadline for submission of applications in November or earlier *. It must therefore now consider whether, in your nedřímá painter or actor, and possibly in time to sign přijímačkám. If the sphere of art is not your cup of coffee, you can * begin * to compare fields and choose from a wide range of universities. How? * In the fall based on a special edition newspaper teacher *, where you can find a list of all accredited courses and programs for the following year. At the same time high schools will hold open days ** ** at which the field can get to know and ask specific questions to. Assistance, you should * also our section „Special of the fields“:…al-o-oborech and "Comparison of subjects': *-field where you will find a description and comparison of study subjects according to various criteria.

In addition to these and other obligations (such as an application for graduation ** ** – is binding and you must not forget her; term administration is determined by each school itself) are waiting for you but would rather worry. These example stužkovací party **. ** This usually takes place in November or December, but it depends on regional practices. At this party they are young, students passing the state maturantského, ladies and gentlemen rose sword. The event is invited teachers, pupils who have accompanied the high school.

During the first half you can start preparing for prom **. ** As the ball season begins around November and ends in March, it is difficult to say exactly when you should start planning. It depends on the time of your ball. The very „prom“ is then a matter on which you will probably remember for life. The dance with the class teacher, collecting money, or a surprise midnight until morning lasting after-party. And even though maturitnímu ball prevents a lot of negotiation, conflict between the students themselves, looking for sponsors, bands and so on, it's definitely one of the most important events of the graduation year.

Second half

Graduation ball ends basically a list of graduation festivities prior to the final exam. Over half the only exception being the preparation ** ** maturantského tableau on which the graduation year as a whole presents. Most of the exhibits at some significant point in the vicinity of schools or in the city center. It just depends on your class, how creative you are and what form will tableau.

** During February you should submit all applications to colleges **. Do not forget to check especially if you have paid all fees * * (usually one application is valid from 300 to 600 crowns). Next, make sure * what * application form is submitted. Some schools still accept only printed application, personally deliver to the registry, other schools just filed in electronic form. It would be a shame if you overlooked some little thing for her and then had the opportunity to your selected school board. However, if after all just something goes wrong, do not despair. Some schools displayed in the period from June to September ** second round of admission **, which inform you regularly on our website.

Graduation itself begins with written examinations **. ** ** Slohovka from czech or written test in a foreign language ** represents for many the specter, which could possibly jeopardize their good sign of maturity. However, this need not be, and writing work can rehearse. Council to write a good description, description or account, see for example „this article“:…se-vyvarovat. Does not pay to underestimate the written part, is usually at least a quarter of the total evaluation.

* *** The successful end of the year to celebrate the graduation party .*

Before Holy Week begins, you will enjoy even more the last bell **. ** The event, which is primarily used to select as many money for graduation party, tends to have various forms. Graduates can change into different costumes and go „begging“ for passers-by from the neighborhood school, but also on the property can arrange a variety of school plays, skits and contests, which entertains all his classmates and teachers.

During svaťáku ** ** ** are preparing for oral exams **, which is currently * always precede didactic terms of tests and written work of the common school-leaving examination *. However, the Ministry of Education is considering the possibility of swapping these terms, ie first, the tests were written and then followed by an oral examination. We recommend the Ministry to monitor the site. * Today is the deadline for written tests and teaching the 28th May to 5 June 2012 *. Terms oral (both common and profile of the test) should therefore precede directors determines the specific days of the school.

The test, but the adult school graduates with their graduation year is not over yet. First you need to complete a ** ** graduation party, where finally all the classmates and teachers say what you like to remember in the future. Many seniors are still preparing for the entrance exams to college ** **, which usually take place in June. In the second half of June will receive ** GED and report the results of the common school-leaving examination **. If you are not satisfied with the results, it is possible to appeal against them, but no later than 5 days and also log on to the appeal deadline. It will be held until after the holidays in September-October.

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