Dental hygienist Jana Kucerova is a young field Added:16.9. 2011
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Dental hygienist Jana Kucerova is a young field

The dentists surgeries are increasingly being encountered with dental hygienist. Jana Kucerova is one of them. Young medical field can be studied on a few higher vocational schools and since 2008 at the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University.

Dental hygiene is a relatively new field, what is your job?

My work is teaching people how to properly clean your teeth and prevent more serious conditions, such as the periodontitis, dental caries (when someone suffers from high spoilage, so it can prevent proper cleaning). Furthermore, patients recommend the appropriate materials for cleaning – toothbrushes, interdental brushes, toothpaste … Then and cosmetic operations such as removal of pigmentation and whitening. Well, mostly eliminate tartar.

Many people certainly believe that clean teeth properly. Nesetkáváš patients with disinterest?

Exactly, a lot of people come, and when I tell them that they have inflammation and cleans the bad, and they wonder. Most people brush their teeth twice a day, which is sufficient, but the important thing is how.

What is the labor market?

Given that dental hygiene is a relatively new branch of the Czech Republic, but more and more desirable, is not a problem in a larger city to find work. The problem is rather to get a job full time. Most dentists will rather busy for a few days a week, so that it covered their needs.

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Hygienist you studied at the time was not yet accredited university. Do you want to finish a bachelor's degree?

A bachelor's degree Resolved not think. I practice and I'm now coming more important.

Why did you just chose this career?

In high school I studied a dental technician, and I wanted to stay with teeth, so I got to dental hygiene.

How is the study designed as the hygienist know?

During the study it is important to be conversant in subjects such as dentistry, paradotnologie … Most importantly, practice. First we learned in school, where we had a dentist's chair, on their own. The sophomore has been a monthly practice for dentist and třeťáku practice two days a week in office.

We're talking about still hygienistkách, studying this field only girls?

It's true. Most girls are studying, but I see no problem with the hygiene study and boys.

Author: Hruška, Jan

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