Ministry: Broaden your horizons people! Added:18.9. 2011
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Ministry: Broaden your horizons people!

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has decided to promote lifelong learning and launched a campaign highlighting the need for continuous expansion of knowledge and education not only among students but also among those who have their studies behind him, or not done it yet. The main slogan of the campaign is „Enlarge your vision“.

The campaign will appear regularly in various types of media from television to radio, print and the Internet. Will not only focus on the adult population with varying degrees of education and from different age groups, but also for fresh graduates and high school. Another target population but will also include socially disadvantaged people, unemployed people or risk losing their jobs and seniors.

Emphasis will be placed on the need for continuous dovzdělávání and acquisition of new information so that people were able to focus on current changes taking place in various areas of life (new technology, the possibilities of the labor market area of ​​law, economic issues, etc.). The campaign will also address opportunities in the labor market outside the territory of the Republic or the EU, the need for language training, etc.

Campaign „Enlarge your vision“ starts off in the project of the Ministry of Education UNIV REGION 2, which aims to transform secondary vocational schools in the center of lifelong learning and expanding educational programs for adults. It works with the support of the European Social Fund and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The first phase will run until November, then the board in January of the second wave, which will run throughout 2012.


Author: Černá, Lucie

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