As a leading Czech education in an international context? Tell Yearbook Added:15.9. 2011
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As a leading Czech education in an international context? Tell Yearbook

Organisation for Economic Co-operation (OECD) published in mid-September, his next titled ** annual Education at a Glance 2011 **, which gives the results of its statistical surveys conducted in the field of education.

The indicators included in it, although slightly rotated annually, but their basic structure remains the same. This year's publication contains four main chapters:

  • Learning outcomes and benefits of education
  • Financial and human resources embedded into education
  • Access to education, participation in and passage of the education system
  • The school environment and organization of schools

OECD publishes it annually since 1996, previously based irregularly. Data for the Czech Republic are included here since 1992.

In parallel with this study it released its ninth annual the Czech Institute for Information on Education (IIE). ** Carries the title „Czech education in an international comparison – Brief introduction to selected indicators of the OECD publication Education at a Glance 2011“ ** and a selection of the most interesting – and for the Czech general and professional public about the most recent – just indicators obtained from the Yearbook of Education OECD.

  • „Publications Czech education in an international comparison is for anyone who needs to work statistical information on education abroad, or against the Czech education system, educational systems in other countries. This is not a simple translation of the publication Education at a Glance, published information, but we completed and the relevant data for the Czech Republic and their interpretations, "said Minister of Education * Josef Dobes. The file IIE has over 150 pages and is available for download on "IIE“:

Source: Ministry of Education press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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