The study of wine with world champion in the cut vine Added:30.9. 2011
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The study of wine with world champion in the cut vine

"Before I started studying wine, I thought that I understand him a little. But when I started school, I found that I can almost nothing, "he says modestly, perhaps a little wine student Stanislav Škrobák. What can a guy but derived from a growing family, and also this year's world champion in the cut vine identically designed studies actually still give ? Even after we asked in the interview.

  • Stanislav Škrobák promises continued the family tradition of wine bearing the name of the whole family. Span between childhood climbing vines and grapes especially for wine vineyards čejkovických and helped his father and grandfather before even care about their growth, harvest and processing. The wine is also connected across the current study: graduated from Central School in Valtice wine in the upcoming academic year starts already in the second year of field Winery and viticulture at the Faculty of Horticulture of Mendel University in Brno (Mendel). In the spring he even became a world champion in the cut vine .*

** You come from a growing family. You had the choice of field of study had any other choice than one that would be associated with a winery? **

I wanted to be a winemaker as a young boy. In that environment I grew up and to the profession I was a childhood from parents and the whole family is maintained. If I do not want vinařinu, then I would be into it, of course, nobody forced, but I wanted it. I believe that here has made a mistake and I will work for life, too fun.

** Help the knowledge that you drew from the home environment, also studying at MENDELU or more initially so depth knowledge of wine does not? **

I've got so far behind the first year and it is very general. Courses aimed directly at the winery will begin in the second year now, so they might be using my existing knowledge.

[* 124.jpg. („I believe that my work will be my whole life too fun,“ says Stanislav Škrobák) <] * *** „I believe that my work will be my whole life too fun,“ says Stanislav Škrobák .*

** On which part of the entrance exams you have to prepare more rigorously than others? **

In our industry in recent years do entrance exams. It decides the average marks of the whole study of high school. But even that does not mean that it would be easy to get there. I have a few friends, which unfortunately failed.

** These are among your classmates, mostly men, so to speak „from the field,“ or are there some who are studying through the winery only familiar? **

We are a very diverse group. Several of us are so dedicated to long, some have appealed to the industry in recent years and some are complete novices and wine went to study because they had the field seems attractive in the future would like to work with wine.

[* This-1.jpg. (Follower of family tradition Stanislav Škrobák) <] *** * follower of family tradition Stanislav Škrobák (left) *

** Full name field, which at MENDELU studying, the winery and viticulture. Can you explain to the layman what lies all the difference between these two words? **

In layman's terms this means that viticulture is the production of grapes – withdrawal from bush to harvest – and the winery is making wine from grapes. Both of these fields are very different, but can not be separated. I personally think that a man who wants to produce high quality wines, should know well both fields. Before the wine made from grapes of different, often poor quality, but recently, most winemakers realize that without quality ingredients you can not. I think is a qualified and experienced wine-grower the same benefits for the company as an experienced winemaker.

** What do you like best prepare those who are thinking about studying viticulture, the positive and negative sense? **

It's a light field. For one thing, the study actually two fields at once. For you have perfected wine chemistry. Winegrowing is again important botany. On the other hand, penetrate into the secrets of the wine name thing is absolutely amazing. Wine is the perfect drink. We can think about it indefinitely. Not for me fun things to do than dissect the wine to its foundations, was established to determine how, on what ground, in what weather, both matured and how it will continue to develop. Wine has long been a distinction only to „give“ and „not applicable“. This is also a promising field because wine consumption continues to grow with us and qualified professionals will be in the future.

** What you personally, as someone who always grows among winemakers, it seems beneficial to your studies? **

Before I began studying wine, I thought that I understand him a little. But when I started school, I found that I can almost nothing. Wine is really a complex thing, and his study, too. Of course I know many people who have never studied viticulture and still produce great wines and wine can understand. These people but had to spend much time self-study, reading books and gaining experience. I know that my study will certainly benefit.

** This spring you won the world championship in style vine. What can involve the preparation of the fact that you finally received such a title? **

First of all I would say that I won a very young age. I was there the second youngest. Experienced guys at the age of forty, fifty years be enough to wonder who it is defeated. This is mainly because cut since childhood and I love it. I first cut in about ten years old when my grandfather took the vineyard. You first experience gave me a grandfather and father, but the true principles of cut I learned in high school in Valtice wine. There we dealt with a lot of cut theoretically and practically. There I learned how to really look, but the style of my final cut, which cut now and win with whom I myself have honed their own discretion and sufficient training.

[* P3060195.jpg. („Golden Czech hands“ Stanislav Škrobák shied away from the World Cup Golden Scissors) <] *** * „Golden Czech hands“ Stanislav Škrobák shied away from the world championship gold scissors *

** As your success valued at MENDELU? **

Most of the enthusiasm that had been classmates. With these I also really celebrate. Teachers congratulated me. But I would prefer if it were a test for milder …

** What does this success mean to you personally, it somehow changed your life and are you going to defend this success next year? **

It means so much to me. Mainly I have established confidence and confirmed to myself that what I do has meaning and that I had to do next. I went to France with the fact that I have no chance of success, and it did it. When the announcement was mentioned my name, I was in shock. Next year's neobhájím Unfortunately, because the competition is held every four years. I will at least try to defend the victory in the domestic championship, which takes place every year. We will probably change the rules, but for me it would be an advantage. Until now in our priority was speed, but next time will play a major role in quality. I'm always a minimum penalty points, so the new system I would be fine. So perhaps it will be with us again win.

** And finally, I can not help asking: is the time young wine. How is this type of wine you are building those as a native and partially studied winemaker? **

Not drink young wine in bulk, but you'll like it. I drink wine because of the control throughout the fermentation, so I know all phases of the young wine. But it is as new wine season. For a shady stand of the road would probably not get the taste …

Photo: Stanislav archive Škrobák

Author: Černá, Lucie

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