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Researchers' Night for the sixth time in the Czech Budejovice Added:20.9. 2011
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Researchers' Night for the sixth time in the Czech Budejovice

Press news

The European Commission initiative „Researchers in Europe“ (Scientists in Europe), organized since 2005 Researchers' Night – a set of entertainment events with the participation of scientists, academics and the general public that take place throughout Europe, always at the same time in a single day, this 23rd September.

The purpose of the event is to introduce scientists to the public as „ordinary people“ who contribute to the good life, and other members of society. Since the early history of the event is therefore the motto „Researchers are among us“ – „Scientists are among us.“

** The initiative to connect scientists from the annual Czech Budejovice. This year's Night of scientists organized by the Faculty of JU in collaboration with the Biological Centre AS CR, will be held at two locations – in the cultural house of Slavia and Marty's Club .**

Researchers' Night in Rock Cafe Slavia will begin in 19 hours. During the evening the band will indeed Akia, Smutny Charles and other guests. The evening will be accompanied by videoprojection science. In Marty's Club will start at 21.00 hours in the evening with an experimental wide variety of different musical styles. Speakers DJ Squid, Hanzall, Bodybass, Bern, Lucas van Hatchet and other guests. Musical supplement organic produce 3D works Efky artist and science fiction video performed by Vje Caiman.

Admission to both events is free. Contact the organizers: prof. RNDr. Frantisek Vacha, Ph.D. Faculty JU email: tel: 389 032 245, 389 035 523

Night of scientists supported by the European Commission – Researchers in Europe initiative.…hersineurope

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