Video "to find his master": a competition for students and parents Added:22.9. 2011
Updated:26.9. 2011
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Video "to find his master": a competition for students and parents

„Touch SEMI“ is a competition in which students can engage middle and high schools, teachers and parents. Abbreviation SEMI represents the four major competitions Password: Sebezapojení, Efficiency, Multimedia, Innovations. The competition aims to help change the conservative approach in our teaching and promoting the popularization of technical and scientific fields. Each competitor is responsible to make a short video reportage of someone who considers a master in the field, or to capture the process of mastery and send it to „site competition“:…ce-informaci /.

The competition runs until 30 November 2011. However, if your video send it to 30 September, will be included in a draw for a special price competition, which monitors. Home prices in the competition are as follows:

  • 1 price – 264 gigabytes iPad
  • 2 price – 32 gigabytes iPhone
  • 3 price – 1 TB External HDD

Videos can be sent into different categories: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics, Languages, Science and Research, Design, Crafts, Robotics, The Practice, „We can teach better,“ Support for technical and scientific fields and eventually loose category. Yet sent the video can be viewed at the competition site, at the same place you will find more information – interviews with judges, news, polls and much more.

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