The Special Field: Strategic Management Added:28.9. 2011
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The Special Field: Strategic Management

Would you like to be applied in the economic sphere? Study Strategic management can open the path. You will participate in building short-and long-term corporate strategy in the marketplace.

=== About the industry

It is a managerial and economic studies. Strategic management is a synonym for the management company or any organization. Properly chosen strategy of company management is crucial aspect of its development in a competitive environment. The principle of a thorough analysis of market competition, the internal environment, formulation of plans, objectives and then putting into practice.

Where can I study?

Strategic Management offers only „Private College of Economic Studies“: in Prague. Nevertheless, related disciplines and subject matter of the Strategic Management is part of the master's degree in economic faculties and not only there to be random „VSB – Technical University of Ostrava“: Subject to strategic management are taught in first year Master's degree Sport Management, Marketing and Trade, and Management in the third semester of economics and law in business. Other schools can appoint „BUT“: in Brno, „CTU“:, „ALL“: ( eg in the framework of the Master in Management) and many others.

As already mentioned, future professionals in the field of strategic management specifically prepared only Private College of Economic Studies in Prague. The content builds on the Bachelor degree in Management organizations. One semester here will cost 26,500 crowns. The school opens and full-time students. „Application“:…rihlaska.pdf

=== Admission

Admission to master's degree studies at the University of Economic Studies is the successful completion of a bachelor's degree in the same or a related field. Candidates from the graduate field of study SVŠES management organizations and the field of accounting will be admitted without entrance examinations. Graduates from other fields of study SVŠES and other universities – the same or related fields – will be recruited through an interview. These prospective students will be identified selected additional workshops that, by the end of the first year was to compensate for the starting position in knowledge and skills.

The strategic management is a thorough market analysis

Courses === === Not surprising that the study is based on economic and mathematical subjects such as Mathematical Methods in Economics, Macroeconomics in the global world, Corporate Finance, Research methods in business. An important part of the legal basis, which is realized in courses Commercial Law, International and European Law and Intellectual Property. Of course, a foreign language. SVŠES affords students the opportunity to choose a profile, according to their interests. Among the subjects covered honors including Marketing Communications, Management Game, Quality Systems, Human Resource Management. For those who want beyond compulsory education to improve their properties, are prepared voluntary courses. You can become masters of arts in Negotiations or negotiate. Are also prepared lectures on the Internet and e-commerce or international economy and global business.

Profile === graduates and

SVŠSE As stated, the content of master's program aims to supplement the professional qualifications of the manager, expanding his knowledge in the theory and methodology of modern management in terms of the global economy. Emphasis is placed on the formation and development of strategic and systemic thinking. Graduates are prepared to hold positions at middle management level of organizations of all types and have the expertise to hold – after gaining the necessary experience – as well as functions at the level of top management.

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