I "zářijoví" graduates have a chance to study Added:26.9. 2011
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I "zářijoví" graduates have a chance to study

College of Business and Management, Brno – ‚Newton College‘: http://www.newtoncollege.cz allows students who failed the first time state graduation and had to pass through to the second, that even this year became the college. You do not have to wait for the results of school-leaving examinations, applications can send now. Until the end of September, you can report to one of three management disciplines that this school offers:

  • Management of focusing on Psychology
  • Global Business and Management
  • Management of international institutions and public administration

More information about the individual fields, see „on page NEWTON College“: http://www.newtoncollege.cz/…udijni-obory. By the time the refund is accompanied graduation certificate of successful completion of high school, you can immediately become college students.

Admission to the Newton College is free and the end of September will be held every day from 10 to 16 hours. It consists of filling the application form, completing the admission interview focused on the motivation to study and submission of motivational essays. The specific term is appropriate to apply at least one day before the admission interview on +420 542513410 or e-mail studijni@newtoncollege.cz.

NEWTON College is a private high school tuition is 31,500, -/semestr. When good results can be reduced tuition to zero.

Source: Press Release

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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