Chance to start university studies this year are still alive! Added:26.9. 2011
Updated:25.9. 2011
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Chance to start university studies this year are still alive!

** College of Business and Management, Brno – NEWTON College also gives a chance, „the September“ graduates with their graduation. Admission will be done every day until September .**

Failure at this year's state graduation on time is not the end hope to study high school. Conversely, students have a real chance to begin his university studies this year in the fall.

"The Ministry of Education this year came up with the concept of state graduation, which included a number of shortcomings and mistakes, and therefore can not handle a large percentage of gifted students. If it failed for one-fifth of high school, it is primarily a bug educational system, "said John Moses, vice-rector Newton College.

So she decided to ‚Newton College‘:, one of the smaller high-quality universities, to give chance to those who have failed in the first round of state graduation in order to be able to apply until the end of September one of her three "managerial attractive fields':…udijni-obory. Apply to study while students can now, not even waiting for the results of the second round of the state graduation. By the time graduation certificate showing successful completion of high school, may soon become a full university students.

"At our school teaches and lectures on many people from the practice for which no definition odrecitování and soulless memorizing without understanding the substance merits evaluation criterion. We lead students to be able to enforce in real situations. We are trying to awaken in them entrepreneurial instincts, learn them quickly and flexibly respond to the real social situations and give them maximum space in the environment of existing companies, "adds John Moses.

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About NEWTON College: NEWTON College is accredited by the College Ministry of Education CR, which you will be easy to study because you will enjoy. Studying at Newton College, university combines theoretical instruction, practical workshops, management training and experience in real business environment. „Teaching is mainly based on communication, clarity and experience“:…wton-college. Throughout the study period you can NEWTON College graduate internships and work together with a university diploma will receive a certificate of completed practices, which will become part of your CV, so you can get a big head start over other peers.

Admission to the Newton College consists of the complete „application form“:…e-registrace. Admission interview validate knowledge, but focuses on the motivation of applicants to study and validation study assumptions. The motivational essay describing the applicant the reasons that led him to study at the university in general and especially Newton College. Essay is possible to prepare in advance or prepare for the day in recruitment interview.

Admission is free and the end of September will be held every day from 10 to 16 hours. The specific term is recommended to apply at least 1 day before the admission interview (T: +420 542513410 or E: Applicants can arrange dates to suit your individual needs and timetable.

Admission will be held at the school at Rašínova 103 / 2, Brno "NEWTON College,

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