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Even students can "revive their city" ... Already this week! Added:26.9. 2011
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Even students can "revive their city" ... Already this week!

Street in Prague 6 this week, will take over a brand new festival that builds on the initiative of young people, especially students. They decided not to sit at home, something in your surroundings change, and „revive“ their city. The festival begins with lively city at several places in Prague 6 will on Tuesday 27 September.

Ranged ** Live Festival City will be held this year for the first time. What led you to organize something like that? **

When I returned two years ago in Finland from the internship, I realized how I hate that we all constantly in the Czech Republic to complain about something, and while trying to change things themselves. And I found the most logical to try to change something in your neighborhood. So when I started preparing my master's project, originally at FAMU, I turned to friends who live in similar parts of Prague as I did. Prague 6 is indeed an excellent location for housing, cultural life, but it was somewhat worse here – the whole of Prague 6 is one such stone cinema. We therefore decided to organize film screenings with discussions in mostly new cultural facilities, which number six on offer varied cultural program, and link them into a „network of city living.“ To this we add actions in public space and site-specific performance at almost forgotten places.

** Who Should Attend and especially on what visitors can look forward to? **

The event offers a lively cultural program focused on a wide range of visitors. And as for visitors from Prague 6, and the inhabitants of other districts, we want to show that Prague 6 is the place where you can spend quality leisure time and where it pays to go for culture. Admission to the festival is free – is available to all. The festival begins with a guided cykloprojížďka Dejvice Milan Mikuláštík Gallery of NTL, followed by an outdoor screening of the film Banksy: Exit Through the Gift Shop for „Kulaťák“, after which the audience is waiting afterparty at Club Lounge. Most other days the program has three layers – are ready for the afternoon workshops for children, guided walks, picnics, flea market or readings. Evenings include film screenings with discussions. After the screenings are followed by the aforementioned site-specific art interventions to revive the omission site.

** The organization is mostly young people and students. How did you get together? **

Part of the team are students or recent graduates of Prague's art academies, especially at FAMU. Another big part is the people around the civic association Lounger, who run the Student Cultural Center Lounge in Dejvice. They mostly studied mainly various humanities at Charles University. With the majority of employees are known for many years.

** Did you use when preparing your action links to your „home“ school, you ask them to cooperate? And if so, how do you help? **

It helps us to FAMU, lend equipment and cars. We also cooperate with universities in the venue, they usually help with PR, or the festival venues. Should also cooperate with the Society of architecture students from the FA CTU, which helps with the presentation of contemporary architectural and urban projects in Prague 6

** Hold multi-genre festival is quite a matter of time and I dare say and mentally demanding. Do you have something with the organization of such an experience to be just out of school or elsewhere? **

Personally, I experience such as FAMUFEST 08, where I conduct and coordinate the jury, and I in the past two flea market held in the clubhouse. Colleagues of the axes Idler held for six years of successful music festival in the West Idler Rollers and operate Dejvice Club Lounge.

** Although the festival has not even started, but still: you are determined after all the things you have not had to undergo as part of its preparations, and organize it in a year? **

We'll see how the city goes live, whether it will have a response about what visitors will take an interest and the like. We consider that we expanded into the more peripheral parts of the sixes, such as the Suchdol, but in any case the decision to wait, depending on how everything goes this year. I would like to stress that city living is not just a single event, but we want the site to revive the long term, so we try to link the cultural facilities that offer in Prague 6 types of entertainment on a regular basis and alert them to it, people started to attend themselves.

More information about the festival's lively city and visit the „“:

Author: Černá, Lucie

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