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To work without a high school: Suicide? Added:5.10. 2011
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To work without a high school: Suicide?

After graduation, they failed to get the dream field, it did not enjoy school, or simply decide not to proceed further in the study. They decided to look for a job. How did they manage without a university education? What ultimately determines the success of applicants for a good job?

High School! But what?

Patrick studied at the Central School of smaller town. Science has always been his hobby of her own interest and in practice proved to be a reliable colleague. After graduation he was offered a job with the board that will be able to continue education in their field and waits for him as well as foreign internship. Patrick hesitated, took a job and still enjoy it. Would not change. Joachim was also always a lot of interest, but none outweigh enough to motivate him to study high school. The school was more of a rebel and his favor was not the best. After graduation he started working as a salesman in a multi-levelovém marketing, soon decided to try his luck as a German „migrant worker“ that soon ended the call-center. The work alternates often and still can not find one that he liked.

The stories of both boys have a common denominator: taking up employment without a high school. Why but their fates so different? Apart from the personal character and circumstances of sudden, it turns out that the crucial role played by particular application type ** High School **. Generally, high school students with technical or artistic focus looking for a job more easily than graduates of grammar schools. „Going to high school and beyond is not to suicide,“ says Sasha to do that after the experience with baby-sitting and experience in flower five years after graduation decided to go try college.

Different jobs or know thyself

Many fresh graduates aware of the pressing problem and choice of school discipline. Choose the right college is not easy, and suggests a large number of „migrants“ between faculties and study programs. Italian interests you: just that but for three years of study? Do you enjoy biology: it keeps you but at school? For some, such a choice can be so demanding that they would rather choose to „take rest“ in some unqualified jobs and wait, what path or shows. Involvement in the work process can bring many positive experiences **. **

„I moved it because I found what I want in life, are his wife, standing on its own feet,“ says Sasha, who underwent a series of jobs. Similarly, sees its fair labor market also Joachim: „I've learned about their weaknesses and strengths, and now you can do a much better use.“ For some, work is already final port, another would like to try their luck even in college. Sasha, for example, believes that her work experience helped choose the school that she had fun and would be decided for her. Such knowledge is certainly a cost, but it has one disadvantage: after 26 birthday automatically lose your student status and with it all the advantages.

For many seniors waiting unskilled labor.

Bachelor et Master., DiS

He likes to say that the title does not say anything about the man as such and that the „mere MATURANT“ may be a more suitable candidate for the position. This is of course possible. When selecting candidates solely by the titles, but also other skills such as sense for team work, self-discipline, integrity or responsibility. And you definitely out of letters before the name can not be read. On the other side of you but something tells as high school brings with it requirements such as meeting deadlines, ability to learn new things or to succeed in challenging situations, and it can be appreciated at work. High school can be seen as evidence of your skills ** ** cope with new challenges.

„The high today is very important, not only for its own sake, but mainly because of the contacts,“ says Sasha, and we agree with her that academic environments are increasingly trying to link with practice through various projects and can help you get exactly where he wants to be. „Without high school, I undocked a bit,“ says Joachim, „I swim and I'm waiting, who caught me,“ he laughs. Maybe the high school can be more about who he grabs opportunities.

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