Microsoft began offering holders of ISIC to 90 percent discounts on software Added:28.9. 2011
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Microsoft began offering holders of ISIC to 90 percent discounts on software

** Purchased software from Microsoft will be able to use the students after graduation .**

Microsoft has prepared in cooperation with GTS Alive event, within which the holders of valid ISIC student discount to get the software at up to 90 percent. They can thus conveniently take for example the latest version of Microsoft Office 2010, upgrade the Windows 7 operating system or software project management, creating charts and web graphics. Discount is based on events of the world closed a partnership between Microsoft and the ISIC Association, the GTS Alive in the Czech Republic represents, and will last until 31 December 2011.

  • "The objective of this action is to allow the discount to all students regardless of their financial situation to learn to work with programs that are now working in the sphere considered as a standard. Learning them will be a good fit for their future, "* said Peter Bobek, product manager of Microsoft Office.
  • "We are very pleased that we can offer students the Microsoft products under such unique prices. With the ISIC can now Office software, Windows and other versions in the highest capture virtually every student, because its price is no longer a barrier, "* adds Tomas Vyskocil, ISIC National Manager.

For example, the highest version of Office Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, students may be able to buy under the action of more than 90 per cent discount for 67.01 euros (about 1600 CZK incl.), The Mac version with a similar discount for 76.56 euros ( about 1900 CZK incl.) or operating system upgrade to Windows 7 Professional version with almost 70 percent discount for 87.31 EUR (2100 CZK incl.). Similarly, advantageously can also buy Microsoft Project 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010 and Microsoft Expression Studio 4

Students can use the software that you buy the discount action, even after completion of schooling. Because the software will get the so-called „portable license“, it can also be legally transferred to another, such as a newly purchased computer. At an identification number of your ISIC card you may purchase only one license of each product and version, the software must during and after the study used only for non-profit purposes and may not rent, lease or sell.

Microsoft cooperates with the Czech school system for several years. Through the initiative, Microsoft Partners in Education has provided the training for example, more than 12 000 teachers and organize specialized training courses in the IT industry for more than 3,500 gifted students. Through Microsoft DreamSpark enables each teacher to use in teaching 26 free software tools for the development of 100 thousand crowns. More information about discount event, visit:…-software-1/.

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