VysokeSkoly.cz in the archives of the National Library Added:29.9. 2011
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VysokeSkoly.cz in the archives of the National Library

National Library of the Czech Republic ranked server VysokeSkoly.cz as a quality source of information in the Archive of Czech web WebArchiv. This means that our server will be digitally preserved for future generations, because they are among „the most interesting web resources“, which passed the criteria of access points, such as a significant cultural and documentary value or the original content.

'Inclusion in the prestigious WebArchiv very much appreciate it and we are happy. It also obliges us to maintain a serious approach, "says Roman Dusek, owner of the server VysokeSkoly.cz

WebArchiv founded in 2000, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic to the National Archive website. The project will collect and archive web resources, and they ensured long-term approach. WebArchiv section in addition to education VysokeSkoly.cz server keeps such pages of the Czech Rectors' Conference, Council of Higher Education or student journals Masaryk University and Charles University.

More information: http://www.webarchiv.cz.

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