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Poll: what the students spend the most? Added:7.10. 2011
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Poll: what the students spend the most?

High school brings number of expenses. Housing, travel, books, food … To which items in the budget are the most significant, we asked students in Brno.

What most students spend? After addressing a few of them can draw a certain result. Some clearly leads rent, it pays to other parents and use the money mainly on food. But there are also those that most money spent on spending time with friends, parties and alcohol, and even find some who have in their pocket money and earnings brigade dutifully buy textbooks and dictionaries. Let's look at the answers Brno university.

„Overall, most spend on food. Rent paid my parents, fortunately, so after a meal are the most significant item of dictionaries. I study French, so you need dictionary "Le Petit Robert“ or different grammar. But I buy only the ones that smell nice, of course! "

  • Iva, educational asistenství Czech and French *

"In my case it was always a friend and spent time with them. I'm always wearing conserved, nothing much I dare, but I do not regret never give money to a common weekend for some action, even if it is far from Brno, and thus the higher price range. " Rostislav *, law *

"Well, if I could judge by last week, it would clearly lead alcohol and partying. But it's not the rule … Otherwise do not exhaust too much, it's a classic for me a snack, lunch, occasionally something to wear. But it is true that the largest item will be about those events, parties and gathering with friends. '

  • Peter * French Teacher

„Drink it, I stopped a freshman, but it's still the biggest item. In addition to alcohol is food, because eating is a must. “

  • Lubomir, Civil Engineering *

„For all spend most of the fare, because I still commute between Brno and squares. And the fares would it be food, for I am able to spend too much money. And often, unfortunately, a bit unnecessarily. By itself can rarely buy anything, because then I would be left to these two big items. “

  • Eva, pharmacy *

"I believe that all students spend most of the alcohol. Especially those from the first grade who are still mingle and have so many other works. At least I see it, if I judge by yourself. Although I bought a notebook and a reader e-books, I still would, in total, the alcohol probably prevail. " Luke *, history *

„I'm sure most spend on clothes. In a totally one hundred percent spend too much. The question is, if you need more than food. After all – you spend for food for about six hundred a week. A shop rags you spend six hundred to buy a sweater. So probably depends on how the moon. “

  • Kate, Journalism and European Studies *

„While I worked, I do not spend too much and things like telephone, rent, etc., paid for my parents. Most probably spend for books and travel. Since what I have steady income, I buy books very often. “

  • Jan, Czech and English *

„Currently most spend on housing. After the lease it will probably be in the following order: commuting, food, drugs (alcohol, tobacco), girlfriend (all kinds of gifts to the café, or even flowers), and finally no culture (especially cinema). “

  • James, journalism *

„I give most money on entertainment and culture. By that I mean the pub, food, cinemas, tea rooms and so forth. “

  • Michal * Astrophysics

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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