Retake the state graduation mastered 52 percent of students Added:5.10. 2011
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Retake the state graduation mastered 52 percent of students

At trial the state graduation signed up over 23 thousand students, five thousand of them stayed at home and to try to not occur. At this time the tests were successful 52 percent of students, more than half. The biggest problem was the students again, mathematics and German language. Costs were eventually 21 million crowns. According to the Ministry of Education Josef Dobes trial took place „smoothly and without problems.“

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education had the worst results of the German maturující students, 59 percent of them failed. The mathematics students failed 53 percent, 24 percent of Czech.

„The success of the autumn graduates equals 52.3 percent,“ the ministry of statistics. After the first year of the state remains without a GCSE exams maturity of the nearly 99 000 students a total of 14.4 percent. This 9.5 percent for tests failed, nearly five percent of them even did not occur. Those who have all failed, they can go to the next term in April and finish the exam within five years. For those who would not so much a test of maturity did not, suggests Dobes retraining. In recent years, the failure rate of graduation was around 2.5 percent.

Uniform level needed to obtain a diploma by the Ministry improve the quality of education. At 169 schools had been the total failure rate over 50 percent, 25 schools failed even 70 percent of graduates. „This is a disaster,“ commented Dobes. The school wants to send the school inspection.

In contrast, schools that raised pupils with the best results, should in future receive more money, as well as those whose students excel in the Knowledge Olympics. More money to get a college to which these reports beaters.

„Graduation has become very popular, not an expression of elite education. Maturities necessarily change the character had dramatically increased the differences in the conception and performance,“ said the chief center for the preparation of graduation CERM Paul Green. While it was now for their final exams, 77 percent of age group in 1991 had a maturity examination, only 30 percent of the population.

A year students awaiting further changes. „We have a year of adaptation phase will be implemented three compulsory subjects, where one of them will be a foreign language,“ said Dobes. According to him, it could mean a threat to many students and schools should be properly prepared.

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