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Invitation to Open Day in the arboretum Christening (8th-9th 10th 2011) Added:5.10. 2011
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Invitation to Open Day in the arboretum Christening (8th-9th 10th 2011)

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For lovers of beautiful countryside in which missing forests, meadows, rare trees, various plants and water areas, is held the traditional autumn Open Day at Arboretum Christening in the school forest enterprise Masaryk Forest Christening Mendel University in Brno.

Accept an invitation to visit this weekend 8th – 9 10th 2011, which are always from 9.00 to 17.00 h you are ready to make an arboretum expert guides – teachers from the Institute of Forest Botany, Dendrology and Geobiocoenology Forestry and Wood Technology MUAF in Brno.

The Arboretum Christening, which lies between the township and Christening Jedovnice, on the desktop 23 hectares is a unique collection of more than a thousand species of all taxa parts of the world, in the Czech Republic is a rare collection of local willow. Part of the arboretum is old beech forest, left to its natural development. The study also pleasure view is available to domestic woods trail. Grounds punctuated by natural meadows, pond, lake, moorland, heath and wooden sculptures, works of students LDF MENDELU.

Come explore the Arboretum at the time of autumn colors, learn about the newly installed information tables for the largest tree arboretum – Our new path greats!

(Entrance is permitted on a leash your dog and pets.)

For organizers: Ing. Paul Mauer TFE ML Christening MENDELU

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