Masaryk University received money from European funds to repair the Faculty of Arts Added:8.10. 2011
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Masaryk University received money from European funds to repair the Faculty of Arts

Masaryk University succeeded with the project Support Center Humanities – CARLA, which also includes long-term reconstruction of unsuitable premises philosophical faculty. The project to build the center, which ran for financial support from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation in the fourth priority axis, determined to complete the missing infrastructure, already approved by the Ministry of Education. The project will be earmarked from the Structural Funds and the state budget a total of 571 million crowns. Project implementation started in early October.

A key part of the reconstruction of the demolition of the tract of B2, which is located within the Faculty of Arne Novak Street, and construction of new buildings in the same place. It will have six floors above ground and two basement floors, which will be located underground parking and a depository of books connected with the existing university library. Are also planned reconstruction of the neighboring buildings A and B1, a new solution courtyard entry and modification.

Construction work will begin immediately after selecting a building contractor, which researchers expect the project next spring. Date of completion of the reconstruction was determined in the first half of 2015 with that in repaired areas could start learning from the autumn semester of the academic year 2014/2015. For teaching students during the reconstruction of the Faculty to ensure no alternative premises within 500 meters from the original space. „With the movement of students during the class, given the small distances had no major complications occur,“ said Dean Joseph Krob.

Buildings A and B1 were built between 1871–72 and 1905 for the city orphanage. The Faculty has started to use in the years 1919–1923 and has since been completely renovated. B2 The building was built in 1922 as a temporary building and should be replaced within ten years of the new building. Eventually, faculty served until the summer of 2009, when he had to be closed due to disturbed statics.

Visualization of the entire project can be found in a file that can be downloaded from „here“:…

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