The first edition of Life Sciences Film Festival Added:11.10. 2011
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The first edition of Life Sciences Film Festival

The first annual film festival with the theme of science and sustainable development ** Life Sciences Film Festival ** (LSFF) will be held this month and from 17 ** October to 21 October 2011 **. The venue is the Czech Agricultural University in Prague – Suchdol. Celebrations start of the festival in the presence of the rector, representatives of universities and other celebrities will be held in the Auditorium on Monday, 17 CUA October at 16 o'clock and is open to the public.

LSFF was created in 2010. It was founded by current and former students of CUA in Prague in response to a shortage in the presentation of audiovisual works on the theme of natural and agricultural sciences. The Festival aims to present and evaluate images, which is their theme dedicated to agricultural science, sustainable development, knowledge of the practice, but also basic and applied research at home and abroad.

In total, the festival presented 132 ** images from 28 countries **, ** the competition itself will be attended by 46 documents **. Their creators are among other things, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, John Rubin, Bertram Verhaag, Oliver Hodge, or from domestic filmmakers Ivan Stritesky, John Mudra, Jolana Matejkova, Tomas Škrdlant. Discussions related to the Life Sciences (eg on sustainable practices, clean technology, sensitivity to the economic landscape, biotechnology, etc.) with the participation of experts from CUA and other universities.

„We want not only to highlight the extraordinary documentary work, but thanks to the eloquent“ cinematic language „to contribute to the broad debate on an issue that touches us all, which lies at the heart healthy diet and environment,“ said prof. Ing. Package George, MD., Rector of CUA.

„The interest of the organizers is to open a permanent educational space in which to connect the international science, and film school,“ said Ing. Peter Alexander, MD., Chairman of the association spolupořádajícího Harvest Films.

  • The patron of the festival took the Minister of Agriculture Ing. Ivan Fuksa and President of the Academy of Sciences prof. Ing. Jiri Drahos, MD., Dr. hc *
  • Film guarantor and principal partner of the festival is PORT LINGUA Ltd. *

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