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How to increase chances of acceptance Added:7.10. 2011
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How to increase chances of acceptance

According to the National Institute of Vocational Education today the majority of Czech secondary submitted an application to college. Applicants is a lot, but only some are chosen. Read some tips on how to go opposite of happiness.

Always ready === === Be informed about the admission procedure. Find out how much time you have tasks to develop and try to allocate it efficiently. The basis is to know the structure of the test – there are questions and answers. Points are deducted for wrong answers? Then netypujte unnecessarily. Check that you have all necessary and approved equipment – calculator, tables, notes, pencil.

Practice tests === === Heavily on the training ground easily on the battlefield, so to find older examples of written tests. Often it publishes on its website alone high school, also can be purchased textbooks or online tests. Do not expect the questions will be repeated year after year, but will be similar. You'll find what you quota for faculty knowledge required. In addition, to navigate in principle, how the test is designed. For example, entrance exam or test study at Masaryk University of assumptions from others vary considerably. Not on knowledge of candidates, but examine the skills and logical thinking.

Preparatory Courses === === The preparatory course is a solid choice. A number of colleges providing courses directly aimed at specific industries. Run in parallel with the academic year, ie October to April. Most courses are held once a fortnight or a month, mostly on weekends. If the school where you apply, there is a preparatory course is open, you can take advantage of private institutions. Competition is great, as Socrates, Amos, Tutor, Scio. More on this topic „here“:…z-na-vysokou or „here“: preparatory-courses-from-what-they-wait. „Rule“:…ach-aleph-cz about e-courses on

Select === objects to graduation

You might want to ease the way for maturitnímu diploma and choose the seemingly lighter objects. Prior to this experience we want to warn you. It is odd to think that everything is able to catch before the entrance exams to high doučit. Therefore, I choose leaving objects that are applied at the entrance examinations.

National Comparative Test === === Your chances of acceptance can be increased through the National Comparative tests organized by Scio. On the basis of one test can be admitted to a few tens of faculties throughout the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. For some faculty participation in the NSZ mandatory, others take you on a good result. „List of faculties“:…lty/info.asp that adopted on the basis of the results or NSZ account.

Who wants to sit down in the university benches must therefore do something

=== General overview

It is easy to say but keep a general overview. Especially in the humanities entrance into school is worth keeping track current events.

Good results === === graduation Many schools admit by marks graduation certificate. Most of these are less preferred fields or additional admissions. Meet you with bonuses for high school diploma with honors.


One of the many ways to get plus points is to obtain a language certificate. The required level of knowledge differs from school to school. Mostly it is the B2 level and above. Bonus can be claimed, among other things at the Law Faculty of Charles University. List of recognized test „here“:…. In addition, the preparation will also assess the actual entrance examination and the certificate will also assist you with finding employment. A summary of the available English language tests can be found „here“:…z-anglictiny.

=== School Olympics

Not just for good grades you can get ahead of other students. Attach your interest in the field of participation in district and high school rounds Olympics and have a bonus in your pocket. Again, it depends on conditions specific faculties.

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Author: Hruška, Jan

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