The new draft university reform - taxes, mergers and fraudulent diplomas Added:10.10. 2011
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The new draft university reform - taxes, mergers and fraudulent diplomas

The Minister introduced the Dobes in the Friday, October 7, 2011 press conference on the new draft reform školsví.

The biggest discussion so far raises the introduction of tuition fees. The decision and its implementation counts. The ministry wants server has two years to establish so-called deferred tuition that the student will pay after graduation. The maximum fee shall be 20 thousand crowns a year.

Another proposal concerns the distribution of schools to research that will be few and will give talented students and training future scientists. Only this type of schools will have post-graduate studies. Other schools, focusing on practical training, retain undergraduate and graduate courses.

Since 2013, created the National Accreditation Agency. The Agency will regularly monitor and evaluate all of the more than seventy public, state and private universities. These long-term poor will be able, together with the Ministry of Education to cancel.

If at some student shows that have become an academic fraud, so she would be able to come. So far, the higher law of such clear wording missing.

The title of Professor will be able to get a person who „artistic or scientific work at the international level.“ Only teachers will be able to guarantee the doctoral programs. Bachelor's and Master's degree will guarantee readers. Associate Professor in rare cases it can happen to a person who has a PhD.

The reform will allow easier merging colleges. Will be able to merge as public school is private. Damage and universities that target innovation, according to the proposed reform will be able to create so-called „school books“.

The new Higher Education Act, which carries the main points of the reforms will go into next week consultation process during November and the government. He will not elaborate. Members get to hear him probably in June 2012.

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