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Fight beauties of Charles University Added:10.10. 2011
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Fight beauties of Charles University

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Gone are the days neoholených suffragettes with a mustache. Beauty that combines the intelligence, refinement and style. All this and much more keen to show the largest Czech university 1.12 Roxy in Prague. How?

Never exceed the boundaries separating the stupid from the intelligent beauty of gray mice is a myth. But it is hard to tell whether the long outdated. While Sociobiologists we argue that it is important for a woman to be beautiful than smart because the average man sees better than think for a lot of ladies has become an important value to be a success elsewhere than at the stove. And the girls really manage to do many things at once is to know hell.

** Canteen, Lanvin, Versace **

Buzz among faculty, work, library and club in the heels, follow a policy of the Middle East, to know that this year will replace the Příkopech ** ** Lanvin Versace, yet look great, requires the involvement of many brain centers at once that even positron emission tomography had nothing to do. And girls from Karlovka have all this in the little finger. Evidence?

„The very surprised us how many beautiful girls have already signed up,“ says Thomas Gavlas, the main organizer of the beauty contest Miss University ** 2011 **, which will culminate in a magical date of December 1, 2011 ** in Prague Roxy **. Among other things come in October at the Intercontinental casting future psychologist, lawyer, or doctor to be. The concentration of so many intelligent beauties in one place, good selection of artists, performers and patrons, and suggests why the choice of Miss aspire to this university event of the year ** **.

Casting along with the main evening will also be under scrutiny of agents of the Czechoslovak models ** ** who choose face during the competition, which will be officially represented. The possibility of winning a parachute jump, language, or even golf courses are imaginary then the icing on the cake refined!

** Put her in the dress Miss! **

After all this you feel that your friend forgot to log charismatic? Send mail to along with the name, age, studied discipline, rates and weight, along with a portrait photo and whole body, not later than October 15, 2011.

Evening dresses from the latest collection from GIZIA who wears the most beautiful girls in the Miss Republic and Slovakia, would be to try after all, what does it feel to be worn beauties of Ukáčka!

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Author: tiskove, zpravy

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