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Poll: Where do you finance your studies? Added:12.10. 2011
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Poll: Where do you finance your studies?

He started the new academic year and sat in lecture halls and freshmen. New school with him but not only new experiences and new friends. Studying in college is the new spending. Textbooks, utilities, rent or dating parties at a price. And usually not enough. So we asked first-year students, what will finance expenditures in the study.

In our survey, we asked students to actually fund their studies and what are their prospects for the future (after all plan to study at least three years, at best, five years). In the study cover a lot depends on whether the chosen school in the same city in which they live or whether students must commute lectures and seminars and find accommodation. Rent is usually the largest item in student expenditures. If you must commute, you can apply for a housing scholarship, which at least partially ease their concerns. Since the students only recently finished high school, are still financially dependent on parents. All respondents have but plan to soon find a summer job, because it could finance some of their expenses themselves.

** Peter Vedralová – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno **

  • „I have arranged a lease with one lady in bytovce. I planned to commute home twice a month. High school and expenses associated with it pays for my parents. I wanted to find a summer job, but I have only briefly in Brno, so you first have to find out what and how. Since I am studying veterinary medicine, so probably not much more easy to study part-time job to prosecute. But I will try during the holidays, I found something. Furthermore, I should have from the school allocated for accommodation. “*

** Michael Palas – Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague **

  • „We still live with their parents and do not cover the costs associated with housing. The family provides me financially and in terms of food and clothes, pay my phone and contributes to some recreational activities. From their money we pay the food that they buy in the city itself, clothing, which buys excess necessary supplies, gasoline, which passes by car, or various costs associated with entertainment and leisure. These costs covered through their job coach. That I worked quite intensively in the summer, now during the school year involves a week 5 regular hours spent on training and several hours spent in different activities are beneficial to our club. “*

** Adela Šímová – Hospitality, Hotel College in Prague **

  • „During my studies I live with friends in private, home (Pribram, note. Ed.) Always ride on the weekend. During my studies I receive from parents certain sum of money from which to pay housing, food, public transportation, textbooks, plus student life: ). In addition, still looking for part-time job because the money from my parents after all, cover most of the lease. you get hold of some work but due to my schedule very difficult. After a nice cash injection consider for accommodation. “*

** Teresa Malčánková – Synthesis and pharmaceuticals, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology **

  • „Because the school is in Prague, I was“ forced „to move or private college, so continue to live with their parents. Parents also owe their financial support during my study. Their financial interest is, in my estimation, about and 90%. The remaining 10% is my money from different brigades, especially during the summer and short-term. In the future I wanted to find a long-term part-time job and lightens the parents from their permanent spending on my education. “*

** Boris Koci – Faculty of Law, Charles University, Prague **

  • „I live in private. Compared to living with their parents, I had much uskromnit, mother's kitchen to replace student dinner (instant noodles and instant soup). Most of my budget is covered by the regular brigades. A smaller part of me, parents. Due to the relative ease of the study time I have quite a decent option, as you earn during the year. Looking ahead, I would like to get a job / part-time job in the field and also acquire new experience and also become independent of parents. “*

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