Skiing and most pay as little as possible. Added:12.10. 2011
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Skiing and most pay as little as possible.

** Going on proper skiing? To get to know what the most bang for the least money what is good to plan a trip in advance. With the impending start of the season stays are decreasing not only the best, but even the most advantageous price .**

This year are you ready for winter trips to the Alps for the student price for nestudenty. Just take a look at and choose from the 93 centers and 548 accommodation facilities in Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland. If you order a tour to 30 September 2011, to get your valid ISIC or ITIC discount up to 10% of the trip and in addition, the unique bonus of CZK 5,000 on selected services for summer 2012 holidays from travel agency Fischer. And as a goodwill gift to each of us ordered the tour gets first 500 skiers lip balm and sunscreen Garnier.


ITALY === === Santa Caterina – Residence Alpi From 3490 CZK / person / week incl. ski pass

FRANCE === === Les 2 Alpes – Residence Flocon d'Or From 5490 CZK / person / week incl. ski pass

AUSTRIA === === Seefeld – Interclub Hotel & Residence Hochegg From 5.200 CZK / apartment / week incl. ski pass

These prices are before discount.

[Illustration * Two-snb.jpg *]

Selected tour is possible to tentatively book, everything else Dores ISIC POINT TEAM.

** WITHOUT INSURANCE OR STEP .** Did you know that skiing and snowboarding are among the extreme sports, which, of course, the risk of injury resulting in many cases are not normally covered by insurance. Therefore, as the holder of these cards can also arrange official travel insurance, ISIC card, which offers a variant comprising just extreme sports at competitive prices and CZK 350 for the whole year! A drive out with him during the year and repeatedly, so skiing and winter fun definitely does not stop there … You can be sure that most of you will be taken care of and if necessary will be paid only minor treatments and medicines, as demanding surgery and hospitalization negotiate assistance service immediately. The advantage of Official Travel Insurance ISIC is not treatment by private doctors, who you would with a normal Czech neošetřili insurance, if you paid for care themselves, but above all zero complicity.

With student ISIC can also save when buying ski equipment, clothing and accessories. If you go skiing just after the Czech Republic, you can save when buying permice, using the services of an instructor and also when servicing your skis or snowboard.

Calculate for yourself how much you can save in an online survey of all discounts / rebates.

Are not you or your child a student, and you are under 26 years old? You can use the card IYTC and get almost the same benefits as students.

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