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The new edition of the Third Age at the University of Ostrava initiated Added:14.10. 2011
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The new edition of the Third Age at the University of Ostrava initiated

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Lecture photographer and explorer George Kolbaba was on Tuesday 27 September 2011 in the auditorium Poruba Technical University of Ostrava launched a new edition of the Third Age University. Places in the classroom took her students from the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering and the Faculty of Safety Engineering.

„Making opening a discussion with an interesting personality to all students of the University of the Third Age of our university, we decided for the first time and given the excellent response of seniors will continue this tradition,“ said Martin Polášková, co-organizer George Kolbaba lectures.

Her words confirmed Paul alderman of vitriol in Frydek-Mistek, who attends the University of the Third Age at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. "Telling Kolbaba travelers about the island of Bali, which he considers his second home was excellent and extremely interesting. It was a great idea to organize such an unconventional start the new academic year. At least we're all students of various faculties U3A and met each other a little know, "said Paul alderman. University of Third Age to its mission of providing education to senior citizens age and makes them appropriate form of new knowledge, knowledge and experience that can be used for personal development. An important role plays also the possibility of social contact with like-minded age, and loved ones, making new friendships, overcoming loneliness, isolation and redundancy, conscious slowing down the aging process and maintain mental freshness. Training seniors in recent years enjoyed great popularity. The main reason for the increased demand for this study is the increasing average age of the population and a large promotion of healthy lifestyles and active approach to life. Seniors, students University of the Third Age at VSB-Technical University of waiting during their studies in addition to lectures and seminars are also a number of professional excursions. In this academic year 2011/2012 enrollment in programs at the University of U3A Technical University over 630 participants.

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