The Special Branch: Law courses at public schools Added:18.10. 2011
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The Special Branch: Law courses at public schools

If you are after long deliberation decided to study law, you are not yet entirely under water. You will have had to decide on which school you go and if you somehow from the beginning to specialize. In this article we present a basic overview of your options in public schools. Note: Article was the 24th 10th 2011 updated (KAV).

*** *** Masaryk University

On the „Masaryk University“: you on the first signpost is when you decide to study full-time or combined. The full-time because you have basically just one option, and five-year Master's degree in Law in the Law and legal science. The study combined with your other hand offers a number of three-year bachelor programs. They are the first fields of Public Administration and Theory and practice of criminal and administrative process in the Public Administration, also opened in the fields of Legal Specialization:

  • The International Law Studies (for those interested in international law, treaties between states, etc.)
  • Commercial Studies (Business Law for law students is similar nightmare, as for medical students anatomy, but it is very helpful to confess it)
  • Real Estate law (to apply the treatment in real estate – in the resort of the Ministry for Regional Development, Ministry of Agriculture Ministry, the cadastral offices, property management and real estate agencies)
  • Law and finance (graduates will be employed in the institutions of public administration dealing with the issues of finance and also in business areas);
  • Law and International Trade (see application especially in commercial legal practice and international tra­de)
  • Law and Business (graduates to apply in particular in commercial legal practice in tax advice)
  • Social Security Law (see location in public administrations and bodies of the Ministry of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Social Security)
  • Theory and Practice of Criminal Procedure (applies to graduates in public administration in the scope of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice – prison service, judicial watch, the Ministry of Defence – with Military Police, the Ministry of Finance – the Customs Administration, in other resorts in the area of ​​administrative Punishment)
  • Public administration (in this application is evident in public administration),
  • Higher Judicial officer (specialized for the professional education especially for the Ministry of Justice, primarily for staff performing a higher court clerk, a senior official of the state prosecutor or the court without a corresponding secretary of higher education),
  • Trade Law (graduates apply in business and trade sector).

Master's study is possible at the Law Faculty of Masaryk University, realized only in combined form in the field of Public Administration.

Masaryk University offers a four-year doctoral studies, where you can specialize further within the framework of theoretical jurisprudence. We offer business law, finance law, labor law, history of law and Roman law and other disciplines. International private law and international and European law can be studied in English.

Admission test: TSP (approximately above 90 percentile)

Chances of acceptance: 20.4% *

*** *** University

The „Charles University“:…gistr/11220/?… in Prague is not possible to study the Bachelor or Master's study. There are only two five-year master's programs, one Czech (Law and jurisprudence) and one English (Law and Jurisprudence). The English program is not currently taught.

The three-year doctoral study in full or combined form already, you can further specialize. University has nineteen fields of doctoral studies, from which you choose your focus. The offer is slightly wider than at the Masaryk University, found that subjects such as Environmental Law, Theory, Philosophy and Sociology of Law, Constitutional Law and Theory of State, Public Law I, II. or III.

Entrance Exams: National comparative tests, SES + OSP

Chances of acceptance: 20.2% *

*** Palacky University in Olomouc ***

„Palacky University“: currently offered at the Law faculty full-time study three subjects: the first five-year master's degree in Law, second-year Bachelor degree in Law in Public Administration and Master's Third European Studies with a focus on European law.

Entrance exam: written test of logic, in history, law, specializing in administrative law, general knowledge and general assumptions for the study

Chances of acceptance: 22.5% *

*** University of West Bohemia in Pilsen ***

„Faculty of Law“: is an accredited full-time undergraduate study, and Public Administration. The five-year master's degree in Law can be studied on the premises or in combination. The doctoral studies in Pilsen University offers three disciplines in the Theoretical Legal Sciences: Civil Law, Commercial Law and Criminal Law.

Entrance Exams: National comparative tests, OSP + ZSV

Chances of acceptance: 18.3% *

*** VSB – Technical University of Ostrava ***

Also in Ostrava you can study legal field, on the „Faculty of Economics“: It is a related master's degree in economics and law in business under the Economics and Management. Some economic sectors, particularly those related to public administration, are very close to the law.

Entrance Exams: National comparative tests, OSP

Chances of acceptance: 75.8% *

*** *** University of Economics

Fields combining economics and law, see here, such as „Faculty of International Relations“: bachelor and then master's degree in related Business and Law.

Entrance exam: mathematics, first foreign language, second foreign language

Chances of acceptance: 46.4% *

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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