MU and VUT will compete on the ice Added:19.10. 2011
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MU and VUT will compete on the ice

Hockey teams at Masaryk University (MU) and the Technical University in Brno (VUT) 25th clash October at 18:00 in Brno KAJOT Arena. The tradition of mutual matches students have founded the year before, but this concept changed. While previously it was just a game to entertain the players picked up in funny costumes, this time it will be a real hockey.

"After the last duel, many viewers had heard that they would like to see real hockey. Although held various academic championships, but these are few of the students receive. Therefore, we decided to meet this wish, "said one of the organizers, student Rastislav Bekényi of Economics and Administration Faculty of Masaryk University. Last year, the contest organizers to attract over 4000 spectators, this year the hall with a capacity of approximately 7000 spectators happy all sold out.

Composition of the university team promises that the intention to organize a good hockey game, it could come off. "I was surprised that there was a lot of players from Slovakia. Some even worked in their representation within twenty years, "said coach George Tobias. Other players picked up for example in the first and second division, many of them studying at the Faculty of Sports Studies degree course referee team sports.

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