Fight beauties of Charles University begins Added:19.10. 2011
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Fight beauties of Charles University begins

Gone are the days neoholených suffragettes with a mustache. Beauty that combines the intelligence, refinement and style. Evidence promises University, and was first December, when held in Prague's Roxy club their first tournament of the most beautiful student.

„The very surprised us how many beautiful girls have already signed up,“ says Thomas Gavlas, the main organizer of the Miss University beauty contest the 2011th Among other things come in October at the Intercontinental casting future psychologist, lawyer or doctor should be.

Casting along with the main evening will be under the scrutiny of agents of the Czechoslovak models who choose face during the competition, which will be officially represented. The possibility of winning a parachute jump, language, or even golf courses are imaginary then the icing on the cake refined!

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