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Moravian language students do not Added:19.10. 2011
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Moravian language students do not

Press news

Ostrava Society for Quality Schools Association, organized by the national testing of pupils proběhnuvším elementary and grammar schools in September, October and November 2011 regional conference on the EU project „Diagnostics of knowledge and skills of students focused on their development“ no proj. CZ.1.07/1.1.00/14­.0031.

The conference will take place under the auspices of the Vice-President of the Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports of the Chamber of Deputies Jaroslava Wenigerové.

Elementary schools and grammar schools thanks to the ESF project have examined the knowledge and skills of their pupils fifth and 9 classes (and appropriate grades of grammar schools) in the Czech language, mathematics, foreign language and science education fields. Schools also received an overview of how their pupils standing in anonymous compared with pupils in other schools CR.

The results tell schools not only in what their students (and teachers) are good, but also what they should teach their students to focus more. Results of testing 621 students from schools throughout the Republic are interesting. The overall average of the results were the best students from Prague, Moravian-Silesian region occupied by the 12th place. Among its results deváťáky shined in testing students from Highland, Prague fell by two notches below those occupied moravskoslezští 13th place. Pupils from Prague in the standings excelled in both natural and humanities. Moravian students come from a better test of Sciences natural science, they should add in the humanities.

The actual conference will provide the project implementers valuable feedback to possible further modifications of tests by the comments of teachers and teachers have the opportunity to discuss directly to ask about what interests them.

Another objective of the ongoing regional conference is a detailed analysis of test results in a specific region and the presentation of other project activities. The first conference of this block has already taken place on the 26th September 2011 in Ostrava, then next in Hradec Kralove, Zlin, Brno, Pardubice, Olomouc, Liberec and Usti nad Labem In Karlovy Vary conference participants will be familiarized with the test results of 18th October 2011, 19th in Pilsen October 2011 in Prague 20 October 2011. The last evaluation conferences will be the first in Czech Budejovice November 2011 in Jihlava second November 2011.

The conference program consists of performances of the „Diagnostics of knowledge and skills of students focusing on their development“ with its objectives and outputs. In addition, participants learn to test elementary school in the spring of 2011, namely information, data and observed the results of testing of pupils 5th, and 9th classes of primary school pupils and grammar schools.

Conference participants will learn more about the testing of elementary schools in spring 2012 and is familiar with the methodology of comparison of test results 2011, the 2012th During the conference, teachers will receive access to teaching materials and tests from this year's round of testing.

Hana Jenčov

Author: tiskove, zpravy

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