Competition: Pay phone and win a trip for your class! Added:24.10. 2011
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Competition: Pay phone and win a trip for your class!

Asekol Company announces for the second time in the recycling program Recyklohraní competition „Pay phone and win a trip for your class.“ The competition is open to all schools that are participating in the program Recyklohraní. Their task will be to collect old or unused mobile phones. Three schools that casting the largest number of mobile phones in terms of the number of pupils win adventure trip for one class. A trip in the Czech Republic to the class selects itself. Even those schools that do not become the overall winner, but can get valuable prizes. In the collected cell phones to get their accounts points that can later be exchanged for gifts from the catalog of rewards. The contest will run until 31 January 2012 and results will be announced in April next year. More information is available on „www.recykloh­“:

Collected phones will be professionally inspected, malfunctioning equipment will be recycled and the functional dedicated to children's homes. Last year was selected as follows nearly 42,000 mobile phones.

"This project teaches children to sort and recycle old appliances, not just mobile phones. If the children learn at an early age, they will be sorted for life and can lead to other, "explains Hana Ansorgová, Manager of Communications ASEKOL that only one in the Czech Republic for the recycling of electrical equipment.

Last year, won the Primary and Nursery School Great Mezirici – Lhotka, where children could choose 31 handsets per pupil.

Source: Press Release

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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