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"Read and write," advises graduates with their graduation teacher Peter Simek Added:31.10. 2011
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"Read and write," advises graduates with their graduation teacher Peter Simek

At the beginning of the school year, all graduates asking: „How can do this year?“. It is this issue is devoted to the following interview with Peter Šimek, general high school teacher at Omsk in Prague. Advice on how to prepare and leaving questions as MATURANT underestimate what is in it does not hold back.

** This year, graduation class are doing. What did you tell them at the beginning of the school year? **

Preparing for graduation must start in Septim, so no need to tell them anything. Last year we gradually repeat and repeat now, a little more. And preparing for it. That means – writing essays, quizzes, reading poems, and we discuss.

** So do you start preparing enough in the last year? **

Just. But it's a tiny bit more challenging. There's more. But I have no illusions that all are honestly prepared. I assume that most of them will start up properly in the first half.

** Is the preparation different than it was before the introduction of state graduation? ** Well, less is written essays. But personally I think it did not stand on his head. Students must read twenty or thirty books * (depending on the chosen level of maturity – ed. Ed.) *. Now is therefore the certainty that at least thirty books, the student should definitely read. Which again before it was so completely. It is the reading of greater emphasis, so that the student, which could come with it, read it at all, would it be more trouble. Questions on the state of maturity but in fact based on those who were at school graduation.

* *** * Gymnasium Omsk

** What is the best procedure for processing leaving questions? **

One would be in time, in November or December, think about what you choose for items. And therefore should not weave from right to left. Some students are unable to invent a time and then of course the confusion associated with the decision to transfer and training.

** Teach Czech. What literature would you recommend preparing it? **

It builds a lot of books, reports, analysis of texts and questions, which should simulate the graduation of the state graduation test. Many publishers understood this as an opportunity to earn even more than before, so the literature on the market, I would say to cluttered. I obviously did not look at all the reports, but I suppose there are so many that they more or less everyone can choose according to what suits him and graphically, and so on. But otherwise, I think that one should in principle make do with the fact that it reads the compulsory literature, ie books, which he chose. And also that you read any secondary literature about the writers of the time. Students should also have prepared an overview of course material – either in a workbook or textbook.

** A History? There you recommend what course of action? **

Well there's a tiny bit more complicated, but basically, one must of course be based on what woke. And probably should ideally know a little bit of the expanding literature. This means that secondary. In addition to textbook and workbook can also read a review or something. But I'm still new in history „nematuroval“ so I was pretty tight when I sit there as an Associate.

** It is something that can not MATURANT Czech? Something that you would miss the students? **

It is individual. We can not say in general that would have been less diligent or that would be contrary industrious. Undoubtedly some more focus and attention devoted to the reading, it means much more borrow books in the school library and so on. What a sad thing, however, so basically just go purely on the basis of the list. So of course everyone borrows I Served the King of England and Closely Watched Trains, but the rest of Hrabal's work is basically not interested. Just what you need in this list. Likewise, Joke and Immortality by Kundera. Just anytime someone say, „Could you read this yet,“ so to learn that it is not canon and that it is not needed.

** Now we are in October – is something you this year's graduates with their graduation recommended to start doing now? **

Well, mostly you think of what will graduate. And secondly, that in the case of czech, read what they have not finish. Compile a list of what actually would like to graduate. And as far as possible to expand the number of knowledge about the work and time. Well, and then also on the state graduation definitely hurt more to write. Trying to write most of what most departments, as many different essays, reflections and so on.

** How did you yourself evaluate the current system of state graduation? It is compliant? Or you set it differently? **

First, I think it definitely still has some way to develop. Especially in terms of the party which sees students. That means the administration, which is mildly oversized. And thus, of course, those teachers have a lot of work that might otherwise devote to students.

** Which of the two levels of maturity (ie higher and lower) do you better for students? **

In essence, the student has in terms of those universities do not force anything significantly, except for some self ambition to take a higher level of the test. According to me, but it must establish, it must be something more significant change. Students looking for logical loopholes to go through it with the least losses, so one can not wonder. The only thing the teacher can argue, is a certain prestige that student. And then either the argument falls on deaf ears, or falls.

*** Mgr. Peter Simek: *** * He studied at the Pedagogical Faculty in Usti nad Labem. He taught first in elementary schools, as well as the two private secondary schools in Prague. At present there are already several years in Omsk Gymnasium in Prague 10 He teaches Czech language and literature, History and Basics of Social Sciences .*

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