Business Point: competition for high school students - managers Added:24.10. 2011
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Business Point: competition for high school students - managers

Brno Faculty of Business and holds its sixth year of national competition Business Point, which is open to all high school students. Participants are asked in three-to five-person team under the guidance of a teacher to handle one of the competitive issues and propose their own solutions. They can thus using the example from practice to test your managerial skills, marketing knowledge and art to present and defend their own ideas. The deadline for registration for the competition is 20 December 2011, the finished project is then required to submit to 10 January 2012.

Competed for prizes worth more than half a million. You can win a computer kits, smart phones and iPods, internet presence for the school, school equipment Cad software, holiday stays and stays, or even year-round learning a foreign language for free.

Topics this year are as follows:

  • Regional Development (the main task is to identify areas that are not adequately supported in the region that the school aims to create a marketing plan that will remedy the current situation)
  • Internet marketing (where the participants choose a particular company or organization, describe its complex activities on the Internet and ultimately assess the meaning and effect of its activity)
  • Introduction of new services to market
  • The proposal to improve application „smart phone“
  • Promotion of IT in the corporate sector (design Web pages and e-commerce)
  • Launching a new product on the market

Commission composed of not only academics, but also several of the main representatives of large Czech companies, select the ten best projects. Itself consisting of the final fifteen minutes presentation of each team's second place February 2012 at the faculty of business, BUT Brno.

More information and registration for the competition to find „the website Business Point 2012“:

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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