Bank Institute has lost accreditation to teach in English Added:25.10. 2011
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Bank Institute has lost accreditation to teach in English

Ministry of Education has decided to remove the private college Banking Institute College Accreditation to teach in English. Accreditation Commission proposed that the school was removed accreditation for teaching in Czech. Against this proposal, however, stood by the Ministry. Bank Institute had last year shut down its ten branches in the country and the Slovak Republic due to the low quality of teaching.

The Commission proposed to withdraw the accreditation of a total of five undergraduate and two master's programs. Because the Ministry halted proceedings in respect of withdrawal of accreditation in the Czech study, students may only be transferred from the English into Czech.

English was taught master's degree in Economy and Management, which will probably be starting next September will have to be carried only in Czech. Roughly the head of the Banking Institute expressed the accreditation committee Vladimir Dvorakova. "Theses come who knows where. We had information from the Embassy of strange visa applications from students of strange, "she said Wednesday on Radio Impuls. Study of the Czech private high school is indeed one of the options, such as how to get from Ukraine to the labor market across the EU.

Against the withdrawal of accreditation, the school can still appeal. Currently, only steering is more about the fate of branches Banking Institute in Hungary. Private school at the hearing represented by Attorney Miroslav Jansta, which is known among other things, working with Education Minister Josef Dobes in the preparation of secondary Cup.

Source: CT24

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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