The deadline Teendesign 2011 is drawing near! Added:25.10. 2011
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The deadline Teendesign 2011 is drawing near!

Just a few days left before the competition closing date ** ** Teendesign, every year, this year was seventh, announces ** Institute of Art and Design University of West Bohemia in Pilsen ** (uud UWB). Submissions should be sent no later than 31 ** October 2011 **.

Engage in it can both grammar school and high school students and vocational school students, and undergraduates. Total listed six categories and the best entry in each of these options will be awarded participation in summer school course ArtCamp 2012 of your choice worth up to CZK 4,900.

The purpose of the competition, according to deputy director Lenka UUD Kodýtkové primarily seek talented students from different, and not only art school types. Identical principle, according to her institute governed by the selection of applicants are announced by the fields.

For the individual competition categories were announced this year following topics:

  • Fashion Design category ** **: competing job is to design fashionable shoes inspired by the Baroque period
  • Category ** ** Ceramic Design: here are competitors – under the umbrella theme of the bowl or the bowl of Emma – a task to create a design proposal interesting dishes conceived as a ritual vessel or sculpture
  • Category ** ** Design: The job of competing in this category is to propose a means for individuals to move snow
  • Digital Photography category ** **: those interested in participating in this category have to offer the jury a series of photographs on the theme of Portrait of My Generation
  • Category comics ** **: the basic theme in this category is how I came into the world that are competing with narratives portray in pictures
  • Categories of computer games ** **: in this category should demonstrate the candidate's own computer game, or artistically portray the characters and environments

Contestants can send their contributions into multiple categories, either by mail UUD UWB, or electronically on Detailed information about the rules and conditions of the competition please go to „site UWB“:


Author: Černá, Lucie

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