For languages ​​in Europe or the study of languages ​​other Added:1.11. 2011
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For languages ​​in Europe or the study of languages ​​other

** For languages ​​in Europe or otherwise ** Language learning – that is the name of action that 8th ** November 2011 ** organized Eurocentre Liberec. It will take place in the lecture hall of the university library in Voronezh street and is intended for all interested parties from the general public.

Its main objective is the form of presentations on various topics to introduce visitors to various forms of study and especially the possibility of using foreign languages. The program will be divided into a morning of that section will be held in English and French, and part of the afternoon, situated in the German section.

The event is held under the auspices of Mrs. Helen Neumann, who acts as head of German Department of Foreign Languages ​​Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Liberec and the Academic Head of the Coordination Centre in Euroregion Neisse. Admission to the seminar is free.

For more information about events and how to register, visit the 'newsletter TUL ": ttp: / /­nek/5551 /.

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