Information to Web sites of secondary schools Added:25.7. 2011
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Information to Web sites of secondary schools

We have prepared a web modules that can be added to the website of secondary schools, and to inform high school students on current information and interesting articles from the world of universities. This service provides a server fre­e.

We have created several types of Web modules that vary in scope and content. It depends on your choice of modules that you find for your high school students as the most interesting.

** Overview of Web modules (after clicking through to see sample): **

Integration of the modules is very easy. Does not take more than a few minutes. The website just insert the following code:

<div class=„frame“> <script type=„text/ja­vascript“ src=„http://w­ww.vysokeskoly­.cz/frame/stu­dium“> </ script> <p> href=„http://­www.vysokesko­“ title=„VysokeS­koly“> </ a> </ p> </ Div>

This code displays the module study. Code for another module you replacing ztučněného identifier „study“ with another identifier, referred to above.

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