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The university will be presented at the XVIII. year's Gaudeamus in Brno / 1 - 4 11th Added:31.10. 2011
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The university will be presented at the XVIII. year's Gaudeamus in Brno / 1 - 4 11th

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University of South will be on 1 – 4 November 2011 presented at the XVIII. Gaudeamus year. The Fair of Higher and Lifelong Learning will be held at the Brno Exhibition Centre.

University of South Bohemia is presented each year as a single university-wide exposure. The stand will be available promotional materials and information on study opportunities in all parts of the University, more information will serve students and interested staff from faculties. Basic information on the USB are also included in the catalog, you will receive a visitor. All fields of study, the university offers are to trace the electronic register fields of study at the fair's website.

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On Wednesday 2 11th introduces visitors to the accompanying program of lectures study opportunities at the South Bohemian University vice-chancellor Professor for the Study of JU. A. Jaklová. At the fair this year will feature more than 200 Czech and foreign faculties and over 2,500 study subjects. The aim of the fair is to provide as much information on higher education students and graduates of secondary schools, colleges students, graduates of bachelor degree courses and the whole spectrum of people interested in lifelong learning. Offer education at the fair are both Czech and foreign universities, high, higher professional and language schools, agencies providing education abroad, institutions dealing with the preparation for entrance exams and counseling in education.

Accompanying the program is composed among others of 4 th year of „Science for Life“, which allows prospective students to learn through practical demonstration course of study selected fields, and the second year's event, „Let's play with technology,“ in which the attractive presentation prepared seven technical universities and faculties. The third time will be held a competition for the best exhibition in which visitors have a fair chance to evaluate the level of presentation, quality of information and access to the stalls of universities.

In 2010, the fair attracted more than 30,000 applicants, the largest ever trade fair visitors recorded in 2009.

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The university is also a regular at the Gaudeamus Prague, from its inception in 2008. Fifth year will be held from 24th – 25 January 2012 at the Exhibition Grounds. In 2011, exhibited at the fair 153 institutions.

Official website of Gaudeamus

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