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The first Miss Charles University clergywoman future? Why not! Added:1.11. 2011
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The first Miss Charles University clergywoman future? Why not!

Press news

Historically, the first annual Miss University already knows its finalists! Progresses to the final eight best girls from across the university. Faculty of Law, represent two girls and their representative has the Protestant Theological Faculty. Winner will be chosen December 1, 2011 when final evening at the Roxy club.

In the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel Prague in the first place Saturday, October 29, 2011 Casting Miss Charles. Of 38 students enrolled and a student whose participation was in his words just a joke, has been selected eight finalists. The girls waited three disciplines – show your personality, a short interview and finally promenade in a swimsuit. The jury evaluated the mode of expression for example, emergency, general speech, appearance and sex appeal. „The finalists were selected according to many criteria so that the winner of which will emerge from them, dazzled not only our entire university, but also overshadowed all other missky Prague universities,“ adds Thomas Gavlas, organizer of the Miss University.

The girls had different reasons to participate. "Since this is the first year, so I was curious about whether it is a classic beauty contest or something will be different. I just wanted to be there, "said Lenka Volfová finalist. The finale came as a student of the Faculty of Science, which comes from Moldova and the University through a five-year study grant.

The jury sat, including the organizing team of the Miss University and director of the Czechoslovak Models Maliníková Lucia, PR manager of the Hotel Intercontinental Peter Kazdová, Student Union President Charles Margaret Havelkova, 2011 King Charles aka Don Juan 69 Jan Smejkal and Miss Academia 2011 Kadlecová Pavlina.

The choice of Miss University 2011 will take place December 1, 2011 in Prague club Roxy and will not miss a fashion show in luxurious dress, promenade in a swimsuit, a music program or accompanying kickboxové performances. Until then, waiting for the finalists shoot profile photos, so that fans can vote for Miss University Internet. Further plans to campaign on Facebook called Miss Charles Shoot with MISSkou! Which will take place during November at the finalists' home faculties and enable them to get plus points for voting in the category of the Miss Congeniality University.

Here are the names of the finalists and their branches: First ** Christine Sojková, Faculty of Law ** Second ** Tatiana Sinenkaia, Faculty of Humanities ** Third Lenka Volfová **, ** Faculty of Education 4th ** Marketa Korinkova, Faculty of Social Sciences ** 5th ** Olga Granic, Faculty of Science ** 6th ** Elena Jurčová, Evangelical Theological Faculty ** 7th ** Catherine bench, Faculty of Law ** 8th ** Catherine Kolomazníková, 2 Faculty of Medicine **

MISS ** ** Charles is historically the first ** ** ** beauty contest ** and ** intelligence ** ** Charles University students **. Hiding a concept that does not distorted perception of beauty. It tells the stories ** ** ** personality and a **. It is a platform for meetings ** ** students and strengthen their sense of belonging ** ** with the university. The competition is also a celebration of youth and beauty ** ** Students (even in the non-physical plane).

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** ** ANETA Hoffmann Manager Marketing and Communications Miss University

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** ** EMAIL: ** ** GSM: +420 731 102 691

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